Intranet Case study of retail industry

A common gateway for teams to connect to all Apps

A leading retail store in India deployed Creative Social Intranet as a single digital workplace for the entire retail organization through customizations and integrations with other systems and boosted employee engagement and work productivity upto 10x

Intranet for retail store

A tool that fits for frontline and office employees

Common organizational problems faced by any retail company.

Disconnected Frontline Hinders Customer Experience

  • The retail industry faces a challenge in connecting its deskless workforce, which often comprises a significant portion of employees.
  • Limited communication channels between HQ and stores can lead to a lack of information flow and misalignment between company goals and frontline execution.
  • Frontline Workers and Information: Store employees may not have easy access to critical information and updates needed to perform their jobs effectively.

Empower & Retain Your Retail Workforce

  • High employee turnover:This is the most direct and common way to express the issue.
  • Difficulty retaining talent: This emphasizes the challenge of keeping valuable employees.
  • Disengaged workforce: This highlights the lack of employee motivation and connection to the company.
  • Limited employee potential: This focuses on the untapped potential of retail employees.

Knowledge Silos and Uncertainty Hinder Retail Growth

Retail Resilience

Rapid changes and potential departmental restructuring create a complex environment in large retail organizations.

Fragmented Knowledge

Employees may not be aware of important information due to siloed communication within different departments.

Uncertainty and Disengagement

Confusion about potential changes can lead to employee anxiety and hinder overall motivation.

The Solution

A new collaborative and engaging enterprise social network turned sharing ideas, storing files,
and working together is a breeze.

CSI equips your frontline workforce with the tools they need to excel, transforming them into product specialists and ultimately driving customer satisfaction and a positive employee experience.

Bridging the Knowledge Gap with a Social Networking Intranet

  • Easy access to product information and policies: Empower employees to become product specialists with essential knowledge readily available at their fingertips.
  • Enhanced knowledge sharing: Foster a collaborative environment where employees can connect and share information, ensuring everyone stays up-to-date.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Knowledgeable staff can provide better service and product recommendations, leading to happier customers.
  • Elevated employee experience: Empowered and confident employees take pride in their expertise, boosting overall morale and engagement.