Micro Learning

6 Microlearning Trends For Every Training Manager Should Know!

Microlearning is a rapidly emerging trend in the corporate learning space. Though this learning strategy has been around for a long time, the advancement of mobile technology and the rise of mobile learning have fueled its rise to the place of Learning & Development in the recent past. Every year as microlearning becomes more universal, new trends and opportunities emerge for global organizations to leverage. Let’s explore the top trends we can expect today about microlearning. Microlearning and Increased Focus on Mobile Learning: Microlearning adoption exists in three key industries- retail, finance, and manufacturing. As per the study by the 6 Microlearning Trends For Every Training Manager Should Know!

Micro-Learning Fosters Employee Retention And Delivers Value

One of the main focuses for an organization is to make sure they are providing the best services to their clients. For the HR department, a benefits program is one of the key priorities for taking a wise move in employee onboarding. Other HR functions include executing retention, performance, and engagement programs. The right plan can help to tackle all three concerns by improving the employee experience, which begins with onboarding and continues throughout the development process. Most of the HR departments are desperate of getting solutions from foster learning. In many workplace organizations, there is a lack of leadership Micro-Learning Fosters Employee Retention And Delivers Value

Training employees through elearning

Elearning is a new way of learning which provides employees to imbibe the knowledge of the work culture to maintain or increase stability and growth. They also intend to provide social and collaborative learning. So in contrast to traditional training delivery, learning helps to offer a higher degree of employee engagement, higher completion rates, and increased application of the acquired knowledge. Elearning portals for employee training can be used as a vital trigger in changing the learning culture and helping learners move up from “discrete, formal training” to”learning as a continuum”. E-Learning portals must provide an option for ongoing contributions Training employees through elearning

E-learning systems for enterprises

Make Onboarding and Learning Fun for Employees with Creative Social Intranet. We can help build and impart effective onboarding to new employees and enhance the e-learning experience for existing employees by bringing your content on a highly interactive platform. eLearning is cost-effective as compared to traditional forms of learning. The reason for this price reduction is that learning through this mode happens quickly and easily. Advantages of e-learning for employees Ensure the success of your e-learning and onboarding programs with the Creative Social Intranet e-learning tool.

What’s Brewing in the Organizational Learning Space Today?

It’s all about On Job Training: There was a time when education and training were restricted to schools and colleges alone. However, with the passage of time the concept of learning has widened its horizons have touched people of all ages, working in different organizations and of course dealing in quite a lot of distinct professions. In the good old days, it was expected from an individual to come all prepared on his or her first day on the job. However, in the 21st century, the reality is exactly the opposite. Even though individuals hold professional degrees and carry widespread What’s Brewing in the Organizational Learning Space Today?

Microlearning is an effective way to learn in short bursts. It allows learners to focus on one topic at a time and master it, instead of trying to remember lots of information all at once. With microlearning, students can break down the material into smaller pieces and take the time to understand each bit before moving on. This makes learning more manageable and easier to retain in the long term.
Growth mindset and lifelong learning are becoming increasingly important in the workplace, as employees of all ages value having the opportunity to keep growing and developing new skills. Employers need to allow for time off work so that their staff can gain these skills – one-in-five employees even think that professional learning should only take place during working hours. To make this more efficient, microlearning is a great way to go, as it breaks down information into small chunks which makes it easier to retain.
Microlearning is a great way for organizations and employees to get the most out of their learning experience. It offers lots of benefits, making it an attractive option for both eLearning developers and learners. With its cost-effective approach, engaging content, targeted learning, and convenience for mobile users, microlearning can make learning more enjoyable and efficient.
Adopting micro-learning for corporate training can be an effective strategy for organizations. It offers a more flexible way to learn, which helps learners better connect with the material and improves retention. This is especially beneficial for young employees who are used to taking in information in smaller doses. By providing quick access to the resources they need through micro-learning modules, employers can help reduce their stress levels and increase productivity.
It is essential for businesses of all sizes to ensure their employees are well-versed in the best practices of cybersecurity. But with so much else on an employee’s plate, it can be difficult to find time and energy to dedicate to lengthy training sessions. This is where micro-learning comes in! Micro-learning enables employers to deliver more information in smaller chunks that are easier to retain, while also taking up less time. It makes sure everyone gets the knowledge they need to protect the business from cyber threats, without compromising on other important tasks. With micro-learning, employers can help their employees become better informed and equipped to defend against a potential cyberattack.