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3 Savvy Ways For Micro-Learning Deployment In Blended Learning

11 Jul, 2019

It is necessary that the microlearning modules have to be delivered in a right way to make an impact on blended learning strategy. microlearning is

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The Future Of Microlearning

10 Jul, 2019

Adoption of Micro-learning will be the best technique used in the organizations for corporate training as it brings desired results and improves productivity. Micro-learning can

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Train Your Employees To Be Cyber Aware With Micro-Learning

9 Jul, 2019

Regardless of company size, whether big enterprise or small, Micro-learning has been proven to increase security awareness and retention. Being the victim of a cyberattack

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6 Microlearning Trends For Every Training Manager Should Know!

8 Jul, 2019

Microlearning is rapidly emerging its trend in the corporate learning space. Though this learning strategy has been around for a long time, the advancement of

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Micro-Learning Fosters Employee Retention And Delivers Value

6 Jul, 2019

One of the main focuses for an organization is to make sure they are providing the best services to their clients. For HR department a

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