Top 20 survey questions to be asked in company intranet for Women’s safety.

Date: 26-Feb-2024


Introduce these 20 poll, survey questions in your intranet for women’s safety this Women’s Day 

Here are some additional employee survey question ideas, aiming for diverse formats and addressing various aspects of women’s safety:

Perceptions and Experiences:

  • Do you feel comfortable and safe working at this company, regardless of your gender? (Yes/No/Maybe)
  • Have you ever personally experienced or witnessed any form of discrimination or harassment based on your gender in the workplace? (Yes/No)
  • If you answered yes to the previous question, please describe the incident(s) in as much detail as you are comfortable sharing. (Open-ended)
  • To what extent do you feel confident in reporting any instances of discrimination or harassment you observe or experience? (Multiple choice: Very confident, Somewhat confident, Neutral, Not very confident, Not confident at all)
  • How well-informed are you about the company’s anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies and reporting procedures? (Multiple choice: Very well-informed, Somewhat informed, Neutral, Not very informed, Not informed at all)

Company Initiatives and Support:

  • Do you believe the company provides adequate training on preventing harassment, bystander intervention, and unconscious bias? (Multiple choice: Strongly agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly disagree)
  • Do you believe our company takes appropriate measures to prevent harassment and discrimination? (Yes/No)
  • How easily accessible are resources and support services (e.g., EAP, counseling) for employees who experience harassment or discrimination? (Multiple choice: Very accessible, Somewhat accessible, Neutral, Not very accessible, Not accessible at all)
  • In your opinion, are there any specific actions the company could take to further improve women’s safety and well-being in the workplace? (Open-ended)
  • How comfortable and confident would you feel approaching a manager, HR representative, or another trusted person within the company to discuss a safety concern? (Multiple choice: Very comfortable and confident, Somewhat comfortable and confident, Neutral, Somewhat uncomfortable and not confident, Very uncomfortable and not confident)

Building a Safe and Inclusive Culture:

  • To what extent do you feel the company fosters a respectful and inclusive work environment for all employees, regardless of gender? (Multiple choice: Great extent, To some extent, Neutral, Not much extent, Not at all)
  • Have you ever observed any behavior, jokes, or comments in the workplace that you considered inappropriate or discriminatory based on gender? (Yes/No)
  • If you answered yes to the previous question, please describe the incident(s) in as much detail as you are comfortable sharing. (Open-ended)

Workplace Safety

  • Are there any areas of the workplace where you feel unsafe or uncomfortable? If yes, please specify.
  • Have you experienced any instances of microaggressions in the workplace? (Yes/No)
  • Do you feel that there is equal opportunity for career growth and advancement regardless of gender?
  • Are there any policies or procedures you believe should be implemented or improved to enhance women’s safety in the workplace?
  • Do you have any additional comments or suggestions regarding women’s safety in our workplace?

Remember to:

  • Ensure anonymity and confidentiality when conducting the survey to encourage honest feedback.
  • Use a mix of question formats (multiple choice, yes/no, open-ended) to gather both quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Pilot the survey with a small group to ensure clarity and effectiveness of the questions before wide distribution.
  • Analyze the results and use them to develop and implement concrete action plans to improve women’s safety in the workplace.


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