Best Designed Intranet 2022

Date: 19-Mar-2022

Creative Social Intranet – The Best Designed Intranet of 2022

A company intranet is a significant tool that leading enterprises use on a daily basis. It is used by employees to work on projects, check company announcements, and search crucial data. Managers utilize the corporate intranet to track projects and interact with team members, while senior management and C-level executives use it to engage with employees.

Nowadays, intranet software is versatile and may be utilized in a variety of ways. With internal communication and collaboration features, a true intranet solution improves communication and efficiency. Creative Social Intranet aims to keep your digital workplace fresh, exciting, and motivating by implementing new intranet ideas on a regular basis to ensure that your corporate intranet is benefiting your employees. Here are some good reasons why your company should consider the social intranet solution from Creative Social Intranet:

The Intranet Has a Positive Impact On Your Business

According to one survey, the average company utilizes over 300 distinct applications. Employees are required to move between such applications every two to three minutes, according to another survey. Consider how much time you’ve wasted ping-ponging between emails, documents, chat platforms, and other systems in pursuit of individuals, content, discussions, and other data. By putting people, information, content, and discussions under one roof Creative Social intranet makes everything easy to access with its interactive intranet which reduces much of this time-consuming activity.

Engaging Experience That’s Unique For Each Employee

Creative Social intranet has identified some crucial points that could help in boosting employee engagement. By incorporating feedback and encouragement into everyday routines, an interactive intranet fosters a positive, high-performance culture. Creative Social Intranet’s built-in recognition and incentives system encourages desired behaviors and activities, and the peer recognition system allows coworkers to recognize one another’s achievements.

Intranet As A Product Drives Innovation

Companies must improve their ability to leverage their combined expertise and experience in order to grow and innovate. This entails capturing, storing, and structuring business knowledge, as well as resurfacing and disseminating it for future use. The knowledge that might otherwise be lost, segregated, or forgotten is captured through the interactive intranet solution built by Creative Social Intranet. All of this important data and knowledge is saved and organized around projects, teams, and processes. It’s no longer scattered and fragmented. Our machine learning and graph-based intelligence suggest information and experts based on people’s jobs, work patterns, and relationships.

Creative Social Intranet Necessitates Transforming Employee Experience

In order to improve the employee experience, Creative Social Intranet questions the onboarding process, the internal communication, and even the quality of the files you are sharing internally. There are lots of employee experience ideas, and our team stresses the following:

  • Onboarding: Through the Creative Social Intranet you can have your onboarding process structured, have all the files ready, and get the new employee on board as quickly as you can.
  • Communication: The intranet can give you various tools like static intranet pages and collaborative channels to implement a working communication strategy to prevent the frustration of lacking communication within the company.
  • Healthy Work Culture: Through your newsfeed, you can share inspiring stories of your company and your employees, through virtual events you can share new objectives and goals, and through channels, you can recognize the team members who are the true embodiment of your company culture.
  • Save Time: Our intranet works as a knowledge hub and you’re an organized best friend. Creative Social Intranet’s search feature makes work easier by letting you quickly find the information you’re looking for.

Reimagine Employee Collaboration

Anyone who has worked on a major project involving many departments knows that teamwork can be a nightmare if not handled effectively. You’ll frequently have to connect with colleagues from diverse teams over a variety of channels, including e-mail, phone, collaboration tools, and others. Streamlining project management in a single tool may therefore be a boon for all parties involved since it saves time and improves employee satisfaction. A functional intranet like the Creative Social Intranet allows you to improve collaboration, link diverse teams, simplify communication in a single common platform, and rapidly exchange any data and papers required to complete the project effectively.


Creative Social Intranet offers a solid platform for easier communication, a well-known corporate culture, and even enjoyable activities that increase collaboration and develop a shared sense of “belonging together” – even if you’re thousands of miles apart.



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