What Your Intranet Design Should Be In 2022?

Date: 10-Mar-2022

intranet trends 2022

In this post, we will discuss how your intranet should be designed. You’ll note that the products listed below are difficult to find in other systems, if not impossible. There is a reason behind this! Creative Social Intranet strongly supports these features and has done lots of research to build products that ensure that our social intranet system exceeds.

We’ll categorize the features based on the value and results that we offer to companies with our intranet:

Alignment Of Employees

  • Announcements: First and foremost, your intranet should be a platform where you can easily publish top-down changes such as announcements and communicate with the whole organization.
  • Handbook: Your intranet should also serve as a repository for important materials and other high-level information that everyone should be aware of. This is referred to as the Handbook.

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

If your intranet claims to be a place for the “most essential information,” but fails to discuss strategy, objectives, or KPIs, it isn’t a platform for the workplace.

  • Organizational chart: You should have a page that shows the company’s organizational chart for everyone to view. Org charts are included in some HR products, however, employees seldom utilize them, limiting their use.
  • Important Dates/Calendar of Events for the Company: Consider hosting a corporate calendar to highlight the most essential company events that everyone should be aware of, such as company holidays, all-hands meetings, and other crucial dates.


  • Employee Team Directory: You’ll need a means for workers to simply browse around the business and learn more about the organization’s structure.
  • Profiles of People: Unlike HRIS systems, the person’s profile should be a destination for employees who wish to learn more about their colleagues.
  • Gratitude and Appreciation: Your company home should make it simple to express gratitude and provide acknowledgment regularly to build engagement.


Consider icebreaker questions if you want to make the discussion even more entertaining. This is a great method to learn amusing information about coworkers that you would only learn after spending a lot of time with them.

  • Important Dates: This includes messages announcing work anniversaries and birthdays (unless the employee has opted out) as well as highlighting recruits so that everyone may greet them!
  • Updates and Check-ins: The majority of intranet programs do not allow you to share your work. We believe that this step is necessary. It’s for this reason that we have check-ins.
  • Polls: You should be able to build basic polls on your intranet to ask your organization brief questions on the go.

Idea Management & Suggestions

This is an optional feature, but you might want to think about how to get feedback from employees.

  • Discussion and Q&A: You could also want to provide a location where individuals can ask questions and provide answers to others. Consider this a space for a more in-depth conversation.
  • Reactions and Comments: People should be able to comment on and respond to information. Popular apps like Facebook, Slack, and Microsoft Teams include this capability.

Centralized Search

It could be beneficial to implement a system with powerful or centralized search capabilities. If the intranet serves as a repository for critical information at work, it should be searchable.

Design that is mobile-friendly

Mobile devices should have easy access to the intranet. Even better, if the vendor offers a mobile app, you may use native alerts to drive increased interaction and usage.


You should be able to customize your intranet to meet your specific requirements, especially on the business homepage, team pages, and resources page.

Colors/Branding of the Company

When it comes to design, you should be able to upload your company logo, and icon, and select a color scheme that is appropriate for your business. This setting should be applied to the whole workspace right away. This may make the intranet feel much more company-specific, which encourages users to use it.

Analytical Reporting

Finally, executives should be able to determine how frequently the tool is utilized. You won’t know if you’re making a difference until you use analytics.


While earlier intranets had a high learning curve and needed a lot of time from your IT staff, the newer ones are user-friendly and can easily handle current business difficulties. They’re quick to put up and take up less space. Creative Social Intranet believes in innovation and our regular iterations to the product based on user behavior and feedback have helped us build a state-of-the-art social intranet environment that is beneficial to both employees and organizations.



So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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