Web Form

Company Intranet software with custom e-form / web forms

With Creative Social Intranet web forms / e-forms, you simply fill out the form online and with the click of a button. The completed form information gets saved in the company intranet database and one received intimation through email. You may assign autoresponders on receipt of emails. E-form saves time, and the recipient can view the incoming forms in a single place without having to check email, hard mail, or fax submissions. Creative Social Intranet web forms are completely mobile responsive ensuring that every employee has a great form experience, no matter what device they're using.

Now employees can always report intranet issues, new ideas, feedbacks, new requirements within a company through this inquiry form within your intranet. Which can be read by amdin with notification alerts to admin via email.


Custom-developed e-forms in Creative Social Intranet

Web based e-forms are a big time saver. Like earlier, you need not upload and download PDF forms, and undergo submission processes. Now you can just provide and online link for users to fill the form and submit in one click. Creative Social Intranet provides customized e-forms to create processes that reflect the way your organisation really works.

E-form / web form highlights

Creative Social Intranet e-forms are a versatile tool, which helps you create different workflow scenarios, surveys, feedbacks and informations. Web forms would typically display, create or update records maintained in databases, files, XML repositories, or provided via web requests. Our custom-built e-form supports most types of data input provided by HTML as well as provides additional more specialized controls for form designers. Form items may be set up as read-only or updatable, visible or invisible.

  • Text box - to enter single line values.
  • Text area - to enter multiple line text.
  • Date and time with calendar date picker.
  • Checkbox.
  • Phone number input, which provides proper separation between country code, area code, number and extension fields.
  • Hyperlink.
  • Container, which provides facility to display any other type of custom HTML content.
  • Hidden form parameter, invisibly present on the form to maintain hidden values.
  • Drop-down list box.
  • Vertical or horizontal set of radio buttons.
  • Multiple selection input control with a horizontal or vertical layout.
  • Single selection custom item list with horizontal, vertical, or custom layout.

With our custom web forms, design your own online forms such as application forms, registration forms, order forms and surveys. You can receive completed forms to you by e-mail. You can also have confirmation messages sent automatically to the user who completed the form

Creative Social Intranet plans to grow and create custom intranets, enabling businesses to form online identities, share references, develop in-house discussions, improve workflow and much more.



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