Web Based Intranet

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Web Based Intranet

The modern-day human is living online. From connecting to friends and shopping to doing work, various types of online mediums are used to make life easy and comfortable. Apart from personal life, the internet has made a special place in the success of a business. Big as well as small organizations use various kinds of online tools to improve employee engagement and achieve business objectives quickly.

An intranet is a way that businesses can use to provide a private network to a company’s employees. Web Based Intranet Software is an advance and secure way to bring employees of different departments of an organization on a single platform where they can communicate and work together. But what exactly web-based intranet software is and what it does do?

Web Based Intranet Software

It’s an online application that uses the Internet as distributed informal retrieval system. Here, information is represented by the web in HTML format and HTTP is used for communication. With the help of this online intranet application, an organization can improve employee engagement and meet various kinds of business needs. A web-based application of this type can have a range of features, including calendar, document manager, file storage online, contact managers and other tools.

As the demand of web-based intranet software has been rising, many service providers have emerged claiming to provide the best online intranet application to manage a business. Some of the most popular are Yammer, Jostle, Office 365, Facebook at work and Noodle intranet. Developers of the online intranet software provide their services to companies and get service prices. The online software can be accessed over the Internet to improve employee engagement and fulfill a business objective.

Although the web based intranet applications are easy to access, there are limited options of customization. Apart from that, there are some fixed intranet services of these applications that an organization can access to meet their business goals. On the other hand, cloud intranet solutions can be customized as per an organization’s requirement. Cloud intranet is developed in ASP.net Microsoft language, an open-source server-side web application framework where dynamic web pages can be produced during web designing. Cloud intranet solutions have several benefits on other software. Cloud-based intranet solutions are secure, private and easily accessible. In addition, they can be customized as per company’s requirements. Like web-based application, the modern cloud intranet solutions can be accessed through the Internet using URL. It means a company’s employees can stay connected with co-workers and work on files even when they are outside the office premises or traveling.

Cloud intranet solutions are affordable and equipped with lots of employee-friendly features, such as accessibility through mobile and personal supports. An organization using Creative Intranet services can customize their cloud-based intranet solutions as per the business demands and requirements. They don’t have to depend on customizations by web-based application makers which are available for all clients using the same application to manage their business. Through cloud-based intranet, a company can keep it office records private while improving employee engagement using the latest form of intranet technology.

Rising Demand of Web Based Intranet Software

Apart from providing an online source for employee collaboration, such as an online intranet application, it can help a business in many ways. In addition, it helps save money on collaboration resources, improves productivity, and allows data recovery whenever required. There are several benefits of web-based intranet software which make them profitable for a business. Some of their advantages are:

  • Through online intranet software, a company can improve employee engagement and get quick solutions for business growth.
  • Web-based intranet improves communication among employees sitting in different branches of an organization.
  • Employees can save, organize and access documents over a private network which further can be used by other authorized employees of a company.
  • Managers can handle a team through the software, assign work to team members and get reports from them.
  • Such an application also works as web-based hr software that can be used to hire new staff, educate them about company policies, and assign tasks to them.
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