Every organization needs an immediate way to reach frontline workers or send crucial information in times of crisis. Creative Social Intranet integrates with Twilio so you can send communications via SMS text message, and desktop and email notifications.

Twilio is a cloud communications platform

Twilio intranet integration

Get important information to your employees on any device with Creative Social Intranet integration with Twilio. Whether you’re delivering updates during times of crisis or you manage frontline workers, Creative Social Intranet provides the security and immediacy to reach your teams where they will see it.

Broadcast SMS messages and alert employees with desktop and email notifications. Instantly reach teams with mission-critical information. By leveraging our Twilio integration, you can always reach employees—even those who may not always have access to the internet.

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Integrate Spaces and Slack channels seamlessly to allow users to collaborate across both platforms.

Microsoft Teams

With Creative Social Intranet connection with Microsoft Teams, you may start private chats and centralise communications.

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