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Discover why Creative Social Intranet stands out with its mobile-first approach, personalized dashboard, and top-notch customer support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional intranets or Creative Social Intranet?

Other intelligent intranet apps are good for office workers. But they’re not so great for big teams with front-line workers.

Why Choose Creative Social Intranet?

Creative Social Intranet has been helping companies in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, Logistics and other front-line industries. Our intranet solution is available on desktop as well as mobile app. It’s flexible and works well for everyone in your team. We provide On-premise, cloud, hybrid intranet deployment solutions with customizations.

When to Select Other available Intranets?

Consider using other intelligent intranets if:
1) You are having personal computer for each employee in your organization.
2) You have a big team of developers who can handle setting up and using their tools and can also keep everything running smoothly.
3) You have a team of experienced developers who can customize the platform as per your requirement.

But if you don’t have the needed resource or you need to make available employee engagement tools and intranet features for the blue collared employees too, Creative Social Intranet might be a better choice for you.

Intranet software on desktop and Mobile Apps

While other intelligent apps are focusing majorly for desktop applications, Creative Social Intranet is available on web, Android and iOS app platforms.

  • Although Creative intranet software web version is highly responsive and can be accessed from any device seamlessly.
  • Our intranet mobile app is implemented with strong authentication and data encryption measures to ensure the security of sensitive company information.
  • Our intranet mobile apps includes features like instant messaging, chat, and notification systems to facilitate real-time communication among employees or members.

An Increase in Brand Recognition

Since traditional intranets lack customization. Intranet UI with respect to your brand guidelines is not possible. Creative Social Intranet is designed in such a way, you enter your company details including logo and our app feels like it’s made just for your company.

  • Other intranets might seem like a fresh start, but it’s just the same old stuff in a new package. It still has the same problems.
  • You can make the Creative Social Intranet software look however you want. It’ll fit right in with your company’s style.
  • Most of our customers’ employees don’t even know our name because our app blends in so well.
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No Need for Consultants or Complicated IT

Traditional intranets base price may look interesting but there are extra charges for new add-on and customizations. These hidden charges turn the entire application to turn out to be an expensive affair.

  • You need a team of consultants or expert developers to make nay change int he traditional intranets.
  • With Creative Social Intranet, you get simple packages and pricing without any surprises.
  • Many features you think are included in your traditional intranet licenses might require extra payment, which you might only find out later.

Top-Quality Customer Support

Customers say Creative Social Intranet offers the best support they’ve ever had.

  • Our team is always ready to help you get the most out of our product.
  • With traditional intranet, you often need to pay a lot for help because they rely on consultants.
  • We focus on what blue collared teams need, while traditional intranet focuses more on white collared office workers.
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