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Enterprise Social Networking

What is Enterprise Social Intranet Networking?

As businesses evolve to keep up with the world of social media, enterprise social networking (ESN) helps teams remain competitive and collaborative. ESN brings the power of social networks into the workplace to increase business value through enhanced communication and collaboration. This article covers how ESN works: The Workings of “Enterprise Social” Employers, workers, business partners, and even customers can participate in “conversations” through enterprise social networking by updating statuses, leaving comments, or simply monitoring activity streams. Users can post and follow up on progress updates, chats, and group contributions on projects using these platforms, such as internal communications software. What is Enterprise Social Intranet Networking?

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How Social Networking Software can help in Enterprise Collaboration?

The use of social networks for business has emerged as a critical mode of marketing platforms and managing employee and customer relationships with organizations. However, the use of social networks in enterprises need not be restricted to these areas. Communication and Collaboration through emails been always been a popular method in enterprises. But many times important emails are missed out due to over-clogging of mailboxes or if the designated person leaves the job. As per a Google survey, corporate email users send and receive an estimated 117 emails per day. Considering social networking software for enterprise collaboration and communication can be How Social Networking Software can help in Enterprise Collaboration?