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So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

Increase Employee retention with these ideas

How does staff retention work? The goal of employee retention is to keep the organization’s top personnel on board for as long as feasible. Long-term employees have a significant impact on a number of variables, including productivity, uninterrupted business operations, reduced hiring and training costs, and so forth. Because of this, the majority of HR directors and leaders place employee retention at the top of their list of priorities. But developing an effective staff retention plan is not always simple. A lot of elements, including employee appreciation, organizational culture, chances for growth, learning, and development, and more, are necessary for Increase Employee retention with these ideas

The Top 8 Reasons Why Non-Profits Need an Intranet

Nonprofits and charities have to deal with some unique challenges. They need to constantly seek out funding and donations to keep things going, and they need to engage, educate, and excite their community members. This can be a big task, especially when you have a workforce that consists of paid employees, volunteers, and external stakeholders. To help these employees and volunteers with their work, nonprofits also need a platform that can streamline internal communications, task management, and other essential functions. An intranet can help to achieve all of this. An intranet is a private network that can only be accessed The Top 8 Reasons Why Non-Profits Need an Intranet

Is Social Intranet Software Still The Right Platform?

Is Social Intranet Software Still The Right Platform?

Businesses have been looking for a single entry point into the digital workplace for a long time. However, do intranets focused on being really social actually gain from collaboration and employee self-service, which are generally better serviced by independent platforms? What Happened to Intranet Social Software? Due to the fact that collaboration and knowledge sharing were key features of social intranet software, security and reach issues arose. Similarly, social intranet adoption has struggled for the same reasons that traditional intranets have. They were desktop-only gateways to a slew of completely useless data with no practical application. In the interim, stand-alone Is Social Intranet Software Still The Right Platform?

Designing Employee Experience 2025: What You Need To Know About Digital Future

The way we communicate and organize our lives has changed drastically in the past couple of years. People are cruising on seamless platforms, hopping between apps to suit a particular need and provide relevant information. The world of work and designing of employee experience of the future is directly impacted by political, economic, societal, and particular technological trends. Market leaders and organizations are shifting to keeping their promises irrespective of their customer interaction and experience. This is in support of the fact that employee experience will mirror customer experience so taking care of your employees is essential to make sure your clients are being Designing Employee Experience 2025: What You Need To Know About Digital Future

Delivering a Connected Employee Experience

At the end of the day, Employee experience is of extreme importance for the organization’s success. According to a survey conducted by The Future Workplace, the majority of employers (83%) said the employee experience is important or very important for organizational success. Yet, many companies do not spend dedicated time or resources making sure their employee experience is well-designed and aligned with company culture. You would hear companies and HR talk about employee engagement at multiple forums and in-office discussions, but the fact remains that there are very few that are able to deliver a connected employee experience that enriches them and in turn, makes them feel valued. Here Delivering a Connected Employee Experience