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Looking for a better intranet for your employees with less budget?

No Problem! Creative Cloud Intranet solutions are curated specifically for small businesses.

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Creative's ideal Hr Intranet Solution

Creative cloud intranet is India's most popular intranet solution for small businesses.
Know Why?

Small businesses generally have employees in between 20-500 range. With such less number of employees. Major intranet providers worldwide have intranet applications designed for employees within range of 500 - 5000 employees. The UI of cloud intranets available in market is dead. People hate it and no one is using it. Creative cloud based Social Intranet has been designed with a social interface a-la Facebook that makes it easy to communicate, share ideas, get instant feedback and make decisions. It even has the traditional intranet tools, like org chart, employee directory and profiles, user groups,and can be integrated with your exisiting HR tools, records management systems.

Re-engineer and Re-develop your HR Intranet System with User-friendly system making your processess easier and faster.

Creative also provides integrations of 3rd party cloud intranet services like

Other Cloud Intranet Integrations

  • Facebook for businesses
  • Office 365
  • Bitrix
  • Google cloud
  • Yammer

Why choose Cloud Intranet solutions for small businesses?

Cost Savings

When your choose cloud intranet solutions, you save a lot of money. As cloud intranet solutions are sold on base of number of employees. Small businesses benefit from it, due to lesser number of employees in their company.


Since your intranet is on cloud, you can access it remotely from anywhere.

Quality IT support

When you purchase cloud intranet solutions from a professional vendor, you get IT support from professionals. need not hire a staff to manage the intranet bugs, errors, and any problem that ceases the operation of intranet.

Seamless Updates

With cloud intranet solutions, you can ensure that any updates your vendor is making to the software will be rolled out quickly and effectively. On-premises software doesn't usually offer this benefit as it usually requires you to upgrade yourself.