Drive Collaboration and Engagement with Creative Social Intranet

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Boost teamwork and engagement with Creative Social Intranet. Enhance collaboration and involvement among employees effortlessly.

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Promote and Involve Employee Collaboration and Engagement Through Creative Social Intranet

Are you tired of finding Microsoft SharePoint and Viva Engage hard to use? Many employees feel the same way. Managers also need help to handle them. Plus, they lack important features for a modern company’s internal website.
Creative Social Intranet provides a user-friendly option. It compiles important information in one location. Collaboration becomes more seamless and effective as a result.

Simple User Experience

The Creative Social Intranet is used as a centralized place for important data, removing disorganizations and offering well-organized, instantaneous collaboration capabilities.

  • Creative Social Intranet lets you create websites easily.
  • You can keep the content on your internal website fresh and relevant.
  • Employees can quickly find news and tools.
  • You can also customize the website to match your company’s look.
  • Plus, it has a smart search feature powered by AI.

Engage and Communicate with Everyone in One Place

Keep your employees involved by appreciating their work and taking care of their well-being. Make sure everyone stays updated with important messages and news on time.

Engagement with Employees:

  • Listen to what your employees have to say.
  • Recognize and reward their hard work.
  • Provide access to their schedules, pay, time off, and more.
  • Encourage their well-being and health.
  • Help them smoothly join your team.

Communicate with Employees:

  • Reach out to every employee, whether they work on the frontline or in the office.
  • Ensure that every message you send is meaningful.
  • Notify them promptly with real-time news updates.
  • Help them connect with their coworkers through an employee directory.

Make Smart AI Helpers That Learn from Your Information

With Creative Social Intranet you can create AI helpers that learn from your data. This means they can give you good and correct help. They make it easy for your employees to find what they need fast.
You can pick from the AI helpers we already made or make your own special ones. And don’t worry, your data is only used to teach your own AI, and nothing else.

Built for Everyone, Big or Small

Creative Social Intranet scales effortlessly for both big and small companies and is specifically designed for frontline challenges. It’s your one-stop solution for employee engagement, complete with strong security and smooth HR integration.

  • Creative Social Intranet is suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises.
  • It’s designed to meet the needs of frontline workers.
  • It’s secure and integrates well with HR systems.

Integration with Other Platforms

You can connect the Creative Social Intranet with other tools your organization uses. This ensures everything is in one place, making work more efficient.

  • SSO Integration for Nearly Any System
  • Enhance Microsoft 365 & G Suite Deployment
  • One Dashboard Compiling All Employee Tools Integrate Third-Party Content
  • Establish Connections With HCM, ERP, And Other Tools
  • Make Use of APIs For Unique Integrations

Simple Pricing, Easy Setup, Easy Maintenance, and Supportive Team

  • Clear Pricing: You’ll know exactly how much you’re paying with Creative Social Intranet. There are no hidden fees. We have pricing plans that match your budget and what you need.
  • Affordable Setup: Setting up a Creative Social Intranet won’t cost you a lot. You’ll save money without losing out on good features or quality.
  • Easy Maintenance: Keeping the Creative Social Intranet running smoothly won’t cost you much either. Our platform is easy to use, so you won’t need to spend a lot of time or money on maintenance.
  • User-Friendly and Supported: Creative Social Intranet has an intuitive design, making it easy to use. Many organizations have successfully switched to Creative Social Intranet from SharePoint. Plus, the Creative Social Intranet provides ongoing support and training.
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