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Hr Intranet - Internal communication portal

Post Internal Job Openings on Your Corporate Intranet Software

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Following are the benefits of posting a job opening for current employees within your company

  • Finding employees having know how about your product and company
  • Having talents move up instead of moving outside
  • Save on training periods
  • Procuring brand
  • Receiving candidates references from your current talent pool

Let's See our Social Intranet features in detail

Showcase Current Vacancies on Home Page

Employees can see current vacancies posted by Admin on homepage of Social intranet.
Employees can reply to the post in comment section.

Hr Intranet - Internal communication portal

Hr Intranet - Internal communication portal

Add Vacancies with Time-lines and Assign Privacy Filters

While posting vacancies, Admin can add start date and end date for available positions within your company. Admin can tag users or enable vacancies privacy settings to specific groups or departments. So that if a vacancy is available in any of your company branch or area or department, vacancy can be seen to those employees only.

55 %

Increased Efficiency

45 %

Increased Productivity

80 %

Increased Collaboration

90 %

Employee Satisfaction

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