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Employees can view open positions listed by the administrator on the homepage of the intranet software using the Creative Social intranet, a corporate intranet communication platform.

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While External recruiting is beneficial to fill your company-wide skills gaps and for enhancement of company culture, Internal recruitment is vital too and must be made part of your strategy. The reason is that hiring internally helps your company directly and indirectly. Whenever employees feel they have opportunities and support from management to grow within a company, they feel motivated!


Internal Job Postings in Creative Social Intranet

Post and showcase Current Vacancies on the Home Page

Employees can see current openings and vacancies as and when posted by the Admin on the Company homepage of the Social intranet. Interested employees can view, search, apply to these posts, and also reply to the post in the comment section.

Add Timelines to Vacancies and Assign Privacy Filters

Admin can put in start date and end date for available openings within the company, while posting vacancies. Admin can also tag users or allow vacancies privacy settings to particular groups or departments. When a vacancy is available in any of your company branch areas or departments, vacancy can be made to be seen only to those employees.

Benefits of Internal Recruitment Feature in Company Intranet

Actively recruiting internally conveys a message to employees that the owners care about their professional development. This indirectly helps in building a culture of trust, which will in turn increase your employee engagement and thus encourage employees to remain with your company longer.

Onboarding time is the time taken by fresher’s to settle into their new jobs, but current employees can have a head start since they are already well acquainted with your company culture and functional processes and may have also connected with new department members before.

Internal recruitment helps in getting employees who already have an exact know how and expertise about your product and company and the post you are filling.

It saves training time and cost since the employees already are well acquainted about the company process, product, services, and they also know their colleagues.

Internal recruitment helps in receiving candidate references from your current employees before hiring the employee for any new job.

When you hire internally, screening calls and executive interviews aren’t very necessary because the recruiters and interviewers can find out about employees’ past performance and track records easily. This reduces the number of hiring stages, accelerating up your recruiting process.

Internal recruiting doesn’t include costs like job board fees, onboarding charges, outsourcing costs or payments to hiring agencies. Indeed, some research has shown that external hiring cost 1.7 times more than internal hiring.

Another important aspect of recruiting existing employees for higher posts is, it enables you to move up talents instead of moving them outside.

Retaining employees for longer time develops brand loyalty within them and helps procure and acquire company brand.

How will you Effectively Promote Internal Job Vacancies?

After creating the internal job posting you will want to get the word out. The best 3 ways of promoting your internal job Ad posting include; engaging, targeting, and announcing!

  • Engage Employees With A Home Page Feed:- Your intranet Home Page is the first thing employees see when they log in. To utilize this prime real-time add a Hot Job Openings feed. Tip: Add Job Openings to your top navigation for faster and easier access!
  • Target the required Skills and Experience with Team/Department Sites:- Every available position requires a specific set of skills and experience. To ensure your Job Opening is reaching the right person, add a feed to the targeted Team/Department Sites.
    Tip: split your Job Openings positions into departments to easily promote positions in key areas of your intranet.
  • Announce New Positions With A Company Announcement:- While announcing a position via Company News, make sure it reaches a broad audience. It shows that your organization cares about filling this position with the right person! This can help employees to either submit an application or recommend a fellow colleague they think would fit it better.

Tips to Post Internal Jobs in Company Intranet

Write an Internal Job Ad

Since you’re posting this job vacancy whining the company borders, you just don’t need to describe your company or its mission, vision, and culture. Rather just:

  • Describe the department. Describe what the department does and what its main aim is, what the team is working on currently, and what they plan to do in the future.
  • Emphasize the benefits. Give them ample reasons to move from their current roles. For eg, let candidates know the bonuses or other perks, if any involved in this new role.
  • Explain the application process. Explain how the interested employees can apply. Ensure this process is easy and simple. Avoid lengthy application forms. Also, let the internal candidates know what the next step is if they get shortlisted.
Communicate the Open Job

To ensure that your job ad would be seen by your entire company, try to communicate it in all possible ways. Some of the common methods are:

  • Posting the job ad on your company’s intranet.
  • Sending the job vacancy ad in the company’s newsletter via intranet.
  • Showcasing hot or urgent job vacancies on the header of the company intranet dashboard or even in the form of a banner.
  • Send a company-wide message or email to all employees.

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