Creative Social Intranet is built with e-learning and LMS features that allows admins to create online quizzes for employee engagement and data collection.

Online quizzes

Creative Social Intranet portal has a compactly designed quiz tool for the employees, which appears on the desktop or mobile screen of the employee promptly. It is formatted specifically for quick decision-making within the workplace on any related matter of concern. Various decisions require employees’ concerns as well such as post-training assessment or any work culture to be followed and many such things, intranet allows to get perfect and quick responses from the employees for the same. It’s a flexible device applicable for business functioning.

Core Benefits

Online Quizzes for Employee e-learning and getting company insights

Large Number of Employees can Attempt the Quiz at a Time

Organizations have their branches widespread in many countries, so the employees also work remotely from different locations. Being in such a situation, the online quiz test tool enables us to acquire suggestions of the workforce. They also become liable to attempt the quiz test although being a remote place. The process even actually reduces the administrative cost and paper based quizzes which will again gather a few more hours of access.

Quizzes can be given without an Instructor

As the quizzes are conducted on virtual basis, the intranet system allows the employees to attempt the test as per their requirement without the need of someone assisting them or acting as a proctor.

Improved Overview of the Workforce

The trends which prevails among the work environment can be analyzed with such e-learning software quizzing tools. Across all the departments what are the thoughts and views of the employees can be accessed easily. Few questions if are missed out by any chance, they can also get covered.

Randomizing is Easy to Implement and Manage

The questions for the online quizzes are formatted through random basis. Further the answers are also jotted down on randomized mechanisms. If such processes are tried to be managed through hard copy and paperwork, it would probably result in a nightmare.

Employee records can be searched very easily

As the quiz is accessible through virtual media, the responses and scores of the employees can also be reviewed online, that means no more paper processes and building of scrap for this matter. As the scores are digitized.

Redefine Employee Engagement

Intranet’s quiz application seamlessly integrates with the Learning Management System (LSM), which enables them to portray their knowledge through responses and earn points towards the training records. The quiz tool can also be used as a standalone app tool for building the quizzes and tests within it, by allowing an input of the format from the organization’s end.

Engagable quizzes will make the employee interested in answering the questions. The administrator can create questions along with choices in the answer section. This can give a sense of ease to the user while operating the tool. Additional links and external links can be attached with the question itself to provide some kind of further assistants to the employees appearing the test as part of their extended training module.

The administrators can format the passing points or percentage of individuals for the quiz, providing the different levels of customizability for different test types. Also if any individual fails at the first attempt in the quiz, so for this purpose retake choice to apply for the quiz must be permitted in the tool.

The outcome of the quiz can be displayed through statistics. Also the time taken to complete the test and number of attempts. The results get showcased anonymously, and all the data is kept confidential without even knowing the other individual.

Intranet enables creation of custom reports for quiz results, pass rates, user participation etc. The quiz reports are formatted automatically in the software. They are scheduled to run as per the set time filter. These filters can also be applied to narrow down data for easy analysis.

Intranet primarily focuses on collaboration at this digital workplace. It gives hand on quiz experience to the employees which encourages participation within the company culture. This quiz tool shows how much the company is investing in staff training and development.

In a way to encourage employees to take up the quizz, some rewards must be acknowledged along with it. Gamification points can be more effective, attached with various badges for different levels of quiz participation and completion.

The domain administrator of the app regulates the creation of the quizzes and sets up the functioning to each and every users dashboard. Also configures their email and notifies them regularly about the recent quizzes which they need to take up.

Quiz tools function with mobility. The employees are able to take the quiz from any location on any device with full access using the MangoApps iOS and Android Apps, which also employees are very used to and easy with.

Clone quizzes are enabled to make the same quiz for various target audiences. This helps in analyzing the different perspectives and views of individuals on similar subject frames.

How Companies Uses Quizzes?

Let’s find out!

  • Helps in building quick and accessible quiz tools that require no technical skill.
  • It allows for creating a fun and enthusiastic work culture and also makes the employees generate gamification points at different levels and various badges suitable to it.
  • Also allows the users to take the quiz on their own time from any device and share the crucial quiz results and insights.
  • Organizations must build interactive quizzes for the employees and coworkers, which will adequately test the knowledge, and involvement, encourage healthy competition, and enable them to earn points towards training records.
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