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An internal news feed is not only a communications tool, but also serves to unite disparate teams, departments and divisions. When employees know what a company is about, it can make them feel better about coming to work every day. Internal news are also good tools for acknowledging and lauding individuals and teams for their contributions, helping to boost morale. Writing an internal news requires a focused and coordinated effort.

Let's See our Social Intranet Features in detail

Recognize Contributions

Shout-Out posts and news are a contagious way for everyone to recognize others. Share your company-wide news on the homepage, or add specific news to the department sites. Users can see news posted by their colleagues in the intranet activity feed section. They have an option to follow, unfollow users, like, comment on the news feeds.

NEWS is the place to publish workplace stories and share what's happening. Align your organization and let your culture shine. Companies that publish workplace stories several times a week achieve engagement rates of over 93%.

Creative Social Intranet

Creative Social Intranet

Add News with Images, Design, Tag Users, Date, Time-line,etc

Creative Social intranet has in built HTML editor which allows you to design your news with headlines, images, tag users and share start date and end date for a specific news.

Adding filters like users, dates, title helps one to find news easily from the intranet database in future. Admin can see the most active users on intranet with contributions made by them.



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