New Launches

Post company new launches to every employee on company intranet website.

An Intranet is a private platform developed to aid communication and collaboration in an organization. It is a platform where organizations can collaborate with fellow employees vertically or horizontally and can come up with different strategies and tactics for new launches.

With an Intranet platform a company can easily announce the new launch of a product, a service, a promotional campaign, a launch of new internal policy, a new customer policy, etc basically every thing an employee needs to be aware of about the company.

  • Launching a new product or a service is no easy task, it involves investment of time, money and efforts from employees, for it to succeed in the market. A launch takes time and careful planning. Intranet helps in having such a platform where everyone can contribute.
  • Launching a new policy is time consuming process, it involves mass amount of decision making from various stakeholders, Intranet being a private platform helps stakeholders to collectively make those decision.

New Launches Tool Highlights

Post a new launch to the organization

Creative social intranet gives employees a platform which helps them to communicate horizontally as well as vertically. It aids employees to post a new launch with ease and let the entire company be informed of it.

Post a new launch and tag users, groups

Adding a new launch to the social intranet is just made so easy. In creative social intranet you just need to go on to the dashboard, click on add post then click on add announcement, tag the employees, select privacy if it's for a specific group, add a start date and end date and press submit to send the new launch. Every launch posted would be approved by admin before getting displayed.

Create Engaging Posts with Video and Images

The inbuilt html editor helps employee as well as employer to post images, links of videos to make an engaging content.

Organize new launches and post data For Easy Access

Organizing new launches information in relevant categories, under relevant departments in Creative Social Intranet will help in future for easy access of data. With Creative Content Management System one can easily find related posts into categories and can even view posts by most recent, most liked, most viewed, or as ordered by the admin.


Employees can create, schedule, and share new launch information from the intranet website and app with departments, individuals or entire companies from any location any time. Mobile responsive design enables creating and sharing new launches on mobile with ease.

Choose Who Can See Your Post

New launches can be shared with a group or individual or to the enterprise. One can tag users to whom the new launch is relevant.

Schedule Post by Date

Now you can pre-share the new launch and go for a vacation or seminar without stressing out, if your team has got the instructions or not. One can easily schedule the New launch with a date.

Built-in Notifications

Receive notifications when a new launch is announced or when it is viewed or commented on intranet dashboard. Notifications can even be customized for email notifications.

Receive comments, likes, dislikes on announcements

Opinions are important therefore con Creative Social Intranet we encourage interaction and collaboration with comments, likes, dislikes on a new launch.

Benefits of New Launch Boards in Intranet to the Company

Enables Transparency

When a company shares a new launch of a product or a service or a new policy, it enables employees to be updated with company information.

Enable two-way communication

Get feedback from employees on ideas, projects, strategies on new launches. It helps in developing two-way communication.

Improved Employee Engagement

When a company conveys messages properly, it boosts effective employee engagement.

Vibrant Company Culture

Your intranet news channel is perfect for sharing new launches that can help give your organization its very own "brand voice," which is something that simply cannot be bought or sold and inculcates a vibrant work culture.

Saved time and money

Arranging a get together for all employees for sharing information of new launches may demand for human time, effort, infrastructure and money. Posting a new launch announcement on your intranet is an easy and intuitive process. This process will save company time and money.



55 %

Increased Efficiency




45 %

Increased Productivity




80 %

Increased Collaboration




90 %

Employee Satisfaction