Creative microlearning and online test software are highly-efficient with company training. It acts as a major game changer in the E-learning industry.

MicroLearning and LMS

Each micro module offers a complete learning experience on its own and at the same time a full-length e-learning program. It ensures that informative and instructional content is into brief modules, basically, a lesson the learner undertakes in minutes instead of hours.

Creative Micro-Learning modules allow learners to make the most of their time as they can learn something meaningful in the few minutes of free time they might find. It manages to provide the correct amount of information with the help of Creative Demo to a learner achieve their learning goals.


Various Benefits of Micro-Learning

Boosts Retention Rates

It is said that the human brain absorbs and retains information better in smaller bits. So studying small theory in short information is an optimal solution, as it’s discovered that human brains couldn’t maintain focus for long periods of time. It gives learners digestible and specific information that they can apply right away. That way they can constantly process, reflect on, and evaluate the information.


The micro-learning requires less time and resources for preparation and delivery which decreases the length of the development cycle and production costs go down. It is also easier to update a single module as it does not affect the other modules due to its modular design. Regarding the learning procedures, micro-learning is suitable for many stages from pre-training and during-training to reinforcement. It can’t help but say that micro-learning delivers great value which is cost-effective.

Engage Learners

For capturing learner’s attention, micro-learning is the most beneficial product. As it comes in various, it helps to build learning experiences and increase learner interest. Bite-sized learning is a practical approach to the learning style. It is thus loaded with interactions and rich media that attract and hold their attention every few minutes. The digital generation has grown up with the internet, smartphones, etc. and as a result, they want to learn to be brief, accessible, relevant, and of course engaging.

Perfect for mobile learning

Nowadays people want on-demand learning with quick and efficient information. They want to learn anywhere and at any time. It can be a smartphone, a tablet, or any other handheld device where they can find an infographic, for instance, to fill up their few spare minutes. Because of this micro-learning with its short and concise content is ideal for mobile learning.


Micro-learning caters to this reality and helps in planning out content to be delivered in the most effective manner. Microlearning has grabbed the attention of organizations and employees alike. It provides various benefits which have made it a favored option among eLearning developers as well as learners.


Rewards Management acts as a Motivator to attend the training programs. Online learners are able to earn badges, points, or other rewards which ensures them to repeat the process again to gain the rewards.


Learn something meaningful in the few minutes of free time

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Testing your new employees after a micro-learning course with a Creative LMS has a lot of benefits compared to taking a paper test in a classroom.

Modern Intranet Software Solutions

Conducting a Real Exam

In today’s world, everybody has to keep learning to stay up-to-date. That’s why It’s important to really test your new employees to see if they gained knowledge. What’s a better method than conducting a real exam for them and see how they handle it.

Higher Productivity

Research demonstrates that professionally developed online tests for new employees can successfully predict employee productivity across a wide range of job types and industries. Tests are the most accurate means of predicting one’s performance because they can objectively determine which candidate has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform well at any given job.

Track Progress

It makes easy to track their progress like who exactly started the exam, who is still working on it and who have finished it. We can also get to know what are the results of their performance after finishing their exam instantly.

Reduce Training Costs

It’s time and cost intensive to get your new employees in one room at a given time to take an exam. It saves you a lot of time, energy and money. It also gives access to take exams as per their own suitable time.

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Learning Management System

Creative Learning Management System (LMS) is a Pre-Employment Testing that allows you to create customized tests to screen candidates based on specific skills and hire them. It’s effective, easy to customize, and time-saving.

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  • Range of skills to test: Varied types of tests for employees who are in the IT sector, digital marketing, etc.
  • Enterprise Integration: Upload test scores directly to the HR evaluation system to shortlist candidates.
  • Analytics and Results: In-depth analysis of every test, and detailed results help you customize questions accordingly.
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Employee poll and survey


It creates a sense of competition among learners and high performers to perform better, getting a better score or improved time. It also weaker performers by highlighting who are letting the side down.

Content Library

It has a vast collection of templates, assets, and objects, which allows you to create courses and assessments in record time. You can easily build a course with these ready-to-use micro learning templates and content items, which makes sure your training material looks professional.

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This makes a perfect addition in the Micro-Learning software to engage learners. It can help raise engagement and compliance, boost user enjoyment and learning outcomes.


Quizzes help to assess the knowledge of learners and also contributes to the overall effectiveness of a course by increasing engagement level and heightening retention.

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Progress Tracking

Online learners have the ability to track their own progress whenever they feel it’s necessary.

Evaluation Management

It helps to ascertain the quality of a learning module which gives the highest return-on-investment and positive perception of the value of online learning.

Employee poll and survey

Rewards Management

Rewards Management acts as a Motivator to attend the training programs. Online learners are able to earn badges, points, or other rewards which ensures them to repeat the process again to gain the rewards.

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