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Creative provides web-based intranet website solutions. We deploy or integrate software on-premise as well on cloud.

Intranet Websites Solutions India


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Intranet Websites Solutions India

Creative Social Intranet provides the best Intranet website solutions in India

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Creative Web-based intranet software improving workforce communication, productivity, and collaboration, and promoting common corporate culture across the enterprise. We provide highly scalable intranet website applications for the most efficient use of your network capabilities and communication channels.

Our highly interactive mobile responsive intranet applications are available in following categories

We all need that one platform for all Healthcare employee communication, content, collaboration & employee engagement.

Creative Social intranet solutions helps banks, wealth management, and financial firms drive innovation for an improved customer experience.

An Intranet specially designed for Hospitals allows one to tap into their employees and get assured feedback using top notch engaging intranet features to exchange ideas.

IT departments are backbone of any industry in modern era. Their customers are actually the employees of the company.

Powerful eLearning grants you the strength easily, and keep the school staff, teachers, parents and students notified and up-to-date on the newest policies and ideas.

Intranet for ex-employees is to act as the data swapping between the department of the Organization and the Ex-employee. Ex-employee which is separated from the business.

Software for airports could exercise various purposes depending on the fundamentals of the enterprise.

Solution-oriented software for Aviation industries employee communication, content, collaboration & employee engagement…

Creative Social Intranet simplifies the workflow for federal, state and local governments. Connect your people, organize your work and get things done.

Rising Demand Of Web-Based Intranet Software

Apart from providing an online source for employee collaboration, such as an online intranet application, it can help a business in many ways. In addition, it helps save money on collaboration resources, improves productivity, and allows data recovery whenever required. There are several benefits of web-based intranet software that make it profitable for a business.

Some of their advantages are:

  • Through online intranet software, a company can improve employee engagement and get quick solutions for business growth.
  • Web-based intranet improves communication among employees sitting in different branches of an organization.
  • Employees can save, organize, and access documents over a private network which can be used by other authorized employees of a company.
  • Managers can handle a team through the software, assign work to team members, and get a report from them.
  • Such an application also works as web-based HR software that can be used to hire new staff, educate them about company policies, and assign tasks to them.