Intranet Solutions India

Get Intranet software deployed on premises with
customizations and agility

Business worldwide have been enduring the immense profits united by deploying a wide intranet system. Structural innovations in employee needs and expectations are driving IT administrators to rethink the rank and role of their intranet in the digital workplace. There seems to be a developing constraint for the intranets to be much more intelligent.

Various Creative Intranet Software that can be deployed
On Premise and On Cloud

Creative Social Intranet
Creative Meeting Room System
Creative Time sheet management software
Helpdesk Ticketing System
Knowledge Management System
Employee Micro Learning System

Creative Onboarding software
Creative Rewards and Recognition software
Creative LMS
Recruitment portal
Learning & Development portal
Visitor Management System

Why Creative On premise intranet solution

Secured software

Creative Social Intranet software are tested professionally before deploying it on clients server. Our secured code and your secured server will make it less accessible to hackers or other forms of intruders

Fast Deployment

We have already done this to few of our clients. We deploy the code on staging server within a couple of weeks. Apply all the necessary changes requested by the client. Once everything is executed well, the software is deployed on client premises server.

In-Depth Customization

​The cloud solutions generally do not provide in-depth customizations on the go. The software can be easily integrated client legacy applications.

A better support team

Best perk working with a medium-sized company is that you do not get frustrated with trouble tickets and customer support. We provide personalised team support to solve any issues related to the software. All issues can be escalated via screen sharing, video calling, phone and email communications.

Cost-effective in terms of long-run

​Cloud solutions look cheaper on day one, as not enough money is invested. But in long run, when you count the increase in number of employees and year to year renewals, Creative On premise intranet solutions are the best deal.

Creative Cloud Intranet Solutions

Apart from portability, Creative cloud intranet is easy to deploy, quick and affordable solution for communication and data sharing. What makes a company’s private network Apt? Isn’t it fast speed, reliability and advance technology? In today’s competitive industry, organizations have been trying different digital approaches to connect employees with each other to meet common business goals.