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An incredible employee experience platform with an in-built AI mechanism that eases the sharing of data within the organisation and more.

Ai powered intranet software

Unlock the power of AI for the future of work with the Creative Social Intranet employee experience platform. Unify unleashes the potential of AI to transform how you create, translate, and manage content. Build engaging experiences with AI-powered content creation tools and intuitive publishing. Eliminate language barriers with AI-driven multilingual translation. Boost the impact of your videos and images with AI processing that adds captions, and keywords, and suggests optimal frames. Work more efficiently with personalized recommendations like those found on Netflix and seamless integration with virtual assistants.

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Accelerate content

Utilizing an AI publishing assistant.

Even with tighter budgets and higher demands, churn out high-quality content quickly with the AI publishing assistant. Access a vast knowledge base and generate content that resonates with any audience, in seconds, without constantly needing subject matter experts. Plus, smart tools can fine-tune the content’s formality, tone, and length, or simplify it for easier understanding.

The AI publishing assistant empowers every team to create their content, reducing the burden on communication teams. It boosts quality, frees up resources, and eliminates writer’s block – all while giving every team a voice.

Enable quick reading

AI Summarization

No more information overload! AI Summarization lets busy employees from any department quickly grasp the essentials of lengthy documents, articles, or leadership messages. Just one click condenses them into clear, concise summaries. Understand key points in a flash and stay informed, even with a packed schedule. Make communication more efficient – AI helps everyone get up to speed quickly.

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Creative workplace software
AI Translation

Transforms to Speak in your Language

Creative Social Intranet AI translation goes beyond the basics. Translate complex content across over 40 languages in minutes, fostering a truly global workplace. Your diverse workforce will feel valued and understood with content delivered in their native language. We’ve even integrated advanced intelligence to make Azure translation even more powerful.

Custom AI integrations

Pixel Ai for Imagery Perfect

Forget tedious manual tagging! Creative Social Intranet AI automatically identifies objects, text, and other visual elements in your images. This ensures your image libraries are well-organized and searchable, saving you time and frustration.

Camera, lights, and AI-enhanced video

Creative Social Intranet takes the hassle out of enterprise video communication.  Built-in AI transcription automatically captions your videos, saving you countless hours and making them accessible to everyone.  Plus, AI translation and speech-to-text ensure your message reaches a global audience.  Let your AI video assistant handle keyword tagging, thumbnail selection, and even pick the most captivating frame to grab viewers’ attention.  Now you can focus on creating great content, while AI takes care of the rest.

Personalized Content Recommendations

Just like Netflix following the best of the breeds in the market, Creative Social Intranet uses AI to recommend content that’s most relevant to you. Forget information overload! AI analyzes your interactions and suggests content you’ll find interesting and valuable. Get timely nudges that keep you informed and engaged – Creative Social Intranet ensures you see the content that matters most.

Creative intranet solutions

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