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Intranet Portal Project Management Organize Projects and Allocate Tasks.

Creative intranet software provides a project management solution to small and large businesses who without any doubt juggle a number of tasks. It keeps them well kept in order while planning and ongoing projects, in a way that is accurate, predictable, and profitable.

Project management is made easier by creative intranet software.

Highlights of Project Management and Task Management in Intranet Portal

Sharing the Burden of Work Wisely

​The Task Manager application allows your team to create Kanban Style columns and tasks. Tasks are set aside as pull and drop tiles underneath the columns. Customize columns to match your work-flow and process. Keeping your team on track is easier than ever using the Report Options, From a team leader standpoint, you can now envision your project workload .

Manage Projects and Allot Tasks

  • Hold multiple projects in a segment.
  • Use Reporting option to refine project tasks.
  • Re-order Tasks in the segment and add other content
  • Specify time limits.
  • Be clear in your communication
  • Create a system that works well for filing
Creative Project Management

It is highly important to have everyone’s tasks and accountability defined and visible when you are managing a team to steer clear of misunderstanding and get to know whom to assign new tasks. Project management systems allow assigning tasks to team members and setting the preferences and deadlines. Adding due dates to the tasks sends a message to the concerned person if the task is still in the incomplete state. Allotting tasks to the team members also give them access to the information they might require.

Employees are often assigned sole tasks that are a part of a larger project on which an entire team is working to complete. Regularly, project team members are required to access each other’s work in order to companion their own. Project management software gives employees a way to coordinate projects by sharing documents, timelines and status updates. Each team member can put information into the system and others will have quick access whenever they need it.

A study shows that up to 88% of spreadsheets carry errors. A systematic project management software includes all the planned and finished tasks, past and upcoming events, and much more. Having all the data included in a single tool means that you can effortlessly browse the data and share it with the team members in a few clicks anytime required. You do not need to switch between multiple sheets to find what you are looking for.

Project Management Software allows organizations to keep track of the project. It lets you know which project has ended as well as by whom and which one is still in progress. Also, it allows the employees to issue updates on the project they are working on and share the details with the project coordinator. Using this software enables organizations to remove the need for status update meetings and emails.

A well organized project management software allows the business to effortlessly communicate with employees.

Get Email Notifications of Hold Back Tasks and Daily Reports

Let’s find out!

  • The Task Manager application let your team to create Kanban Style columns and tasks. Tasks are kept as drag and drop tiles below the columns. Customize columns to match your work-flow and process.
  • Keeping your team on track is easier than ever using the Report Options, letting you to filter your tasks by: progress, assigned user, and upcoming due dates.
  • From a team leader perspective, you can now envision your project workload and see who’s working on what in real time, all in one collective workspace.
  • Incorporations – The task tracking tool can be incorporated with company payroll and 3rd party employee performance applications with single sign on.
  • Employee Check in and Checkouts – The project management and work management will help companies to know when employee’s login and when they log out the portal. They can fill the start time and end time. This can also fulfil the purpose of HRMS software for other small-scale organisations.
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