Intranet Portal India

Intranet Portal India

The next generation intranet portal for your organization to provide your Workforce with fully packed intranet tools designed to engage your employees.

An intranet portal can consolidate online training content to help your staff develop skills and stay updated. Streamline holiday requests, appraisals and more. The process can take place on your intranet portal instead of on paper. An intranet portal gives faculty a place to debate tactics, objective, and plan — opening up your business.

The increasing need to get and integrate data in the structured environment forced companies to adopt modern intranet software solutions. With the motive to increase employee productivity by providing an attractive and easy to use interface with Single sign feature to integrate multiple intranet services and information that are scattered across the organization.

Enhanced Productivity

Get information faster, from any location. This helps increases employee capability to perform tasks faster.

Streamlined Collaboration

Creative Social Intranet stimulates collaboration by allowing employees to share files and store conversations with group of people or to public.

Improved Communication

Creative Social Intranet provides a gateway to access corporate HR and business tools and information and is a very vital part of Digital Workplace.

Cost-effectiveness and cross-platform compatibility

Creative Social Intranet can be accessed from any device. We provide flexible intranet portal solutions from Cloud intranet hosting to on premise intranet software deployment and hybrid intranet solutions for huge enterprises with employees scattered globally.

Advantages and benefits of Intranet Portal.

Creative Social intranet portal enables knowledge sharing, communication and collaboration between employees, managers, clients, vendors and organizations. We even offer modular portals that help you manage organizational knowledge and write, publish, manage and share content as per your company requirements integrated with LDAP single sign on to your legacy intranet softwares.

Email support & Personal training

We provide instant email support, phone communications and intranet usage training sessions.  Our dedicated team of experts would be happy to help you navigate the app or the platform and report and fix bugs, if any.


Mobile responsive and fast loading solution

We've dedicated a team of professionals to make sure the intranet platform runs at maximum efficiency. We have designed our intranet with a simple interface yet modern design and highly interactive that loads effectively on all devices.


Designed for tomorrow

Our intranet software is totally customized and can be integrated with any 3rd party applications.


Higher response rates

With a mobile app, employees are more likely to quickly check their phones and notifications for internal business communication notices, tasks and mails quickly.


Secured and tested

Our intranet portal has been deployed on top conglomerates server of India. It has undergone various testing and is proven to be highly secured.


We provide further intranet services

  • Intranet Strategy and Consultation
  • Intranet Design and Prototype Development
  • QA and Testing
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Intranet Software Deployment and Upgrade