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Gamification is a powerful tool to motivate employees to achieve their targets. Creative Social Intranet creates an easy path to mastery by linking desired behaviours with fun rewards, celebrations, leaderboards and more. Make your employees focus towards goal attainment in a fun and engaging way with leaderboards, competitions, ranks, badges, and celebrations. We design and deliver gamified, micro-moment content that prioritizes user-centric needs for higher engagement from active, curious and passive users. By modernizing learning with gamification techniques, our Social intranet clients have seen remarkable increases in product knowledge and sales readiness from their in-house and distribution sales teams.

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Employee Engagement


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Creative Social Intranet Market Place

Our market place e-commerce tool to buy and sell within the organization.

Employees can now fulfill their retail requirements within the organization from the known members, then searching and dealing with a third person.

Gamification software helps to connect with employees increase employee participation and engagement.

Tools that can gamify your entire project management, to accelerate productivity, improve governance, drive digital transformation and delivery through some stellar features such as;
1. Reward points for each contribution to game
2. Display of points, rewards of each employee to entire organization
3. Opportunity to redeem points to get gifts, vouchers or bonuses etc