Intranet development Mumbai

Intranet Development Mumbai

Today, more workers than ever before work from home or another location. It is now essential to support your organization’s performance and goals with an engaging, modern digital workplace. Intranet software will help you with planning whether you return to work entirely remotely, partially remotely, or in person.

An intranet software of the future. With a cost-effective on-premise/on-cloud intranet system, you can enhance communication, manage projects and events, organise information, and increase employee engagement.

Intranet Software Solutions

On premise

On Premise Intranet Solution

Looking for an effective intranet solutions for companies with more than 500 employees. Gain complete control of your company intranet with offline access to employees.


Cloud Intranet Solution

Our Social Intranet is a  cost effective intranet solutions. Get your intranet fully managed by Creative team and hosted on Creative servers with no hassles.

Hybrid Intranet Solution

Hybrid intranet solutions are for companies with huge number of employees but with lesser HR budget. Companies that have branches spread globally.

Why Intranet Development in Mumbai


The capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra is Mumbai. With almost 20 million people, Mumbai has the eighth-highest population in the world and the second-highest in India (after Delhi) (2 crore). The 2011 census found 12,479,608 people living in Mumbai City. About 20,482 people per square kilometre make up the population density. Each person has 4.5 square metres of living space.


Marathi, along with Hindi and English, is one of the three official languages used in the city’s bureaucracy.


Mumbai’s literacy rate is 94.7%, which is higher than the 86.7% national average.

Poverty and Unemployment

Poverty and unemployment are the two main urbanisation issues that Mumbai shares with many other rapidly expanding cities in emerging nations.


Mumbai serves as India’s commercial, financial, and entertainment hub.Mumbai’s prosperity in the 1990s was mostly due to textile mills and the seaport, despite its significant role as India’s economic center. Nevertheless, the local economy has since expanded to include finance, engineering, diamond polishing, healthcare, and information technology.

Information Technology

Excellent facilities are available to IT companies at the International Infotech Park (Navi Mumbai) and the Santacruz Electronic Export Processing Zone (SEEPZ).Despite competition from Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune, Mumbai has become the leader in the information technology field.


.Mumbai is home to several of India’s major conglomerates, including Larsen & Toubro, State Bank of India (SBI), Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), Tata Group, Godrej, and Reliance, as well as five of the Fortune Global 500 firms.

Why Choose Creative Social Intranet

Immersive yet Easy UI

An enterprise collaboration system is a versatile tool that boosts productivity for teams in various departments. It cuts down the time required for tasks and provides an efficient solution for communication and document sharing.

  1. Ease of access
  2. Maximising the user experience.
  3. Increased employee enagement and retention
  4. Increased productivity
Fully customisation software

The functionality of an intranet should be a key focus of an organisation while choosing an intranet solution. Every organisation performs differently and has its own process of operation. Customising the intranet as per company procedure and functionality should not be overlooked. Below are few points to explain the benefits of effective custom intranet software.

  1. Easier navigation
  2. Improved company culture
  3. Applicable widgets
  4. Brand awareness
Seamless Integrations

Creative Social Intranet integrates easily with your favourite HRMS/HRIS/HCS, and single sign-on tools. Integrates with 60% of the most popular apps – G Suite, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft One Drive, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Salesforce Sales Cloud, SharePoint.

  1. Integrations with legacy applications eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords
  2. Allows automatic login to company apps such as Microsoft, Google suite, SharePoint and corporate intranets.
  3. It reduces the risk of accidental loss of password, account getting locked and increases company efficiency.
  4. Reduces IT department workload.
VAPT tested Reports

We perform network vulnerability assessment and penetration testing assessment reports for every upgrade of Creative Social Intranet. Creative Social Intranet is secured business communication platform, which matches international complaint standards and build a trust-worthy brand.

Cost effective intranet solution

Creative Social Intranet provides cost effective intranet on-premise and on-cloud intranet solutions. Investing in a cost effective intranet solution has various advantages, which are:

  1. Cost effective intranet solution increases flexibility that allows employees to work with their preferred timezone, remotely and on-premise.
  2. Centent management is up-to-date, and company data is easily accessible.
  3. Automation of repetitive task reduces company OPEX cost
Plethora of intranet features

The structure and features of an intranet application improves employee internal communication. While selecting features for your company’s intranet software, think first about your employees needs and the essence of your business.

  1. All in one intranet platform boosting communication, collaboration, engagement and training.
  2. Scalable on-premise intranet solution
  3. Secured on-cloud intranet solutions.
  4. Flexible hybrid intranet solution
  5. Best of the breeds Social Networking features
  6. Micro learning for online training of employees
  7. Mobile First UI
  8. Employee appreciation features