Modern intranet software 

Intranet is to engage and support employees.

Intranet applications produce a lightweight, simple to maintain and enhance choices for many of the legacy applications you may be operating in your office. Also provides, common office interface, employee demands, with proper security, to access all the data across the business.


20+ Years

  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • Rated 5 star
  • Highly secured software
  • Team of Experts
  • Award Winning
  • Maximum ROI
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Data Backup

We take daily, weekly, monthly backups

User Protection

Tested under various security norms

Personalised Support

We try to resolve all the issues round the clock.

VAPT Tested Reports

Undergone vulnerability & penetration tests.

Launch your intranet

Best for mobile development as it can be accessible anywhere, anytime with the proper safety.

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Custom intranet applications

Intranet applications: what are they?

The internal network of an enterprise is where intranet applications, which are software data applications, are mostly used. Compared to conventional techniques like emails and phone conversations, these applications transmit information more precisely and quickly.

  • No additional expensive software or hardware requirements.
  • Runs on various OS environments.
  • Just needs a web browser to access (Mozilla, Opera, Netscape, IE ) also, a network server ( Apache, IIS) some are already owned and in most circumstances, it is installed by default.
  • Do not require Internet access.
  • Corrections and subsistence are easy and immediate.
  • Constructed with extremely common development tools which means getting someone to maintain it for the long term and will not be hard and expensive.
  • Simple and swift to develop.
  • The standard network looks and feels.
  • Design and organization are deeply customizable

Support & Upgrades

Creative Social Intranet works with organizations from all over the world, so we’re all over the world too.

  • With offices in multiple time zones, we provide customers with the best possible care around the clock.
  • In the Creative Social Intranet, you can collaborate directly with our team, as well as fellow Creative Social Intranet users.
  • Creative Social Intranet team continuously thrives on making the product better. We provide regular updates with substantial additions to the offering provided at no charge.
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