Centralize Company Information with an Effective Employee Intranet Portal

Our employee intranet platform enables you to rearrange communications across the firm from all departments in one portal with requests for leave allocations, advance salaries, travel allowance, and more.

Benefits of Employee Intranet Portal in India

Personalised Approach for Each Team

Create precisely crafted web pages that represent the identity and information requirements of your business.

Team Connectivity

Give staff members access to group chat and audio/video conferencing so they can communicate in real time.

Automate Workflows in Processes

Use self-contained web pages and database apps to automate routine company processes.

Intranet Access for Employees

A Platform for Connecting your Remote Workers and Displaying your Unique Organizational Culture

  • Many companies have a hybrid setup in that all their employees are not desk-based knowledge workers. A good number of employees don’t have company laptops or mobile phones with them. So they get irregular access to the company’s intranet services.
  • Innovations are coming up continuously which force companies to think beyond the laptop and explore new ways to reach desk-less workers with their content.
  • Intranet providers are finding ways to bring intranet to such group of users, to fit in their day-to-day life rather than expecting them to go to the office to read news of the company.
  • Any organization can create the best Intranet for their workers, but without employee engagement, it is just an expensive white elephant at the heart of your organization.
  • The intranet should provide a single sign-in for all the working activities. It should ideally create virtual communities within the interface which helps in connecting remote workers to the intranet.
  • Intranet’s power multiplies when it gets linked with the corporate database as all the information gets easily accessible through a simple portal for people across the organization. 
  • Some intranet provides a platform to share web-based applications which saves the company’s cost of buying multiple copies of licensed tools for every single desktop. They have additional financial benefits as they are very scalable and flexible. 
  • Choose a partner that requires less maintenance and expertise. The product should have unmatched security and guaranteed reliability. Perform careful research on all available products in the market and choose a winner in cost value analysis.

Engaged Employees with Intranet Services

Create an Employee Intranet Portal As Soon As Possible to Promote Staff Productivity and Corporate Collaboration.

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