Employee Scheduling software

Online Employee Scheduling Software

The Covid-19 vaccine news in 2021 brings a sigh of relief. Companies are now looking forward to getting their employees vaccinated and back to the workplace at the earliest. Creative introduces Online Vaccine slots booking software for companies that helps their employees in the vaccination drive.

Take a big leap in your return to normal

    1. Employees protection

Customers protection

Boost company productivity

Employee Engagement

Employee motivation

Herd Immunity

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    Creative Employee Scheduling Software

    *Choose from our range of pricing options to suit the needs of your business. All prices mentioned are applicable per user per month and are excluding taxes.


    $ 1.7 / INR 125

    per user per month

    • Single Domain Setup
    • User Registration
    • Approval by Admin
    • Prefix slots by admin
    • Slots availability calendar
    • Vaccination Slot Booking
    • Auto disable of slots on full booking
    • Provision to cancel your booking
    • Auto update of slots on booking cancellation
    • User can select preferred location
    • User can select preferred date, time
    • User can add/modify details such as SAP Code (username), Email address, Name, Mobile Number
    • User can add no. of dependants
    • Vaccine Scheduling System with Dose 1/2 selection
    • 1 month hosting included in cloud package
    • For additional months: 25% of Package cost per month would be applicable.

    How it Works

    Register Yourself

    Register using your Company id or CO-WIN Ref ID or any other identity

    Choose Vaccine Location

    Select nearby Vaccine Center from location list set by the company.

    Confirm Your Slot

    Select date, time, no. of dependants to Get Vaccine

    Book / Cancel Appointment

    After filling all needed data, you book appointment and get email notification

    Few Tips for those who take Vaccine

    Who Should take Vaccine as per WHO?

    The COVID-19 vaccines are safe for most people 18 years and older, including those with pre-existing conditions of any kind, including auto-immune disorders. These conditions include: hypertension, diabetes, asthma, pulmonary, liver and kidney disease, as well as chronic infections that are stable and controlled.

    Children should not be vaccinated for the moment.

    What should i do and expect after getting vaccinated as per WHO?

    Stay at the place where you get vaccinated for at least 15 minutes afterwards, just in case you have an unusual reaction, so health workers can help you.

    Check when you should come in for a second dose – if needed. Most of the vaccines available are two-dose vaccines. Check with your care provider whether you need to get a second dose and when you should get it. Second doses help boost the immune response and strengthen immunity.

    What are the side effects of Covid 19 vaccine?

    Some common side effects are

    Arm soreness

    Mild fever



    Muscle or joint aches

    If anything severe persist please contact your Doctor.