Simplify document management and boost productivity

Intranet document management improves the handling of uploaded files and other documents. An intranet document management system allows you to drag and drop files, upload many files at once, and sync files.

A single platform for document sharing

Advantages of Collaboration

With effective collaboration between teams, departments, and verticals across offices and countries, the right information is delivered to the right person at the right time. Integrated internal communication and document sharing enable to boost the productivity of resources and employees.

Creative Social Intranet document sharing and management tool make document storing a seamless task. Employees need not worry about over logging of emails and storing of multiple version of same files. Intranet spurs collaboration by allowing employees to share files and store conversations.

Creative Social Intranet enables real-time effective internal communication which is the most critical part of any business. Intranet users can share documents, participate in discussions and do many other tasks within a single workspace from any location, any device and any time.

It saves time by eliminating meetings and spreadsheet management. Decision-makers can now devote time doing business-critical tasks more easily.

Creative Social Intranet can be integrated with multiple applications. It effectively operates from any device. Thus the company need not manage too many 3rd party applications for their collaboration. It serves both as a tool for data gathering and sharing along with an integrated suite that is economical to deploy and maintain.

All information shared is stored at a single location. Employees who are given access to the file, can view it any time using the intranet portal and store it back at the same location. Looking for older data becomes easy with centralised file sharing and management.

Corporate Collaboration Portal Benefits

Document Sharing with Creative Social Intranet

Intranet document management saves you from the struggle of uploading large files on emails and downloading them at the other end. So Creative social intranet isn’t just about sharing your status and pictures, but the major chunk of the task is collective document management for the organization, of course with the sharing preferences and privacy settings.

Creative Social intranet takes ultimate care to make sure your confidential information stays that way by including safeguards like file transfer over HTTPS from any device, and encryption at rest. Track file activity, file access of uploaded documents, and security logs which log unauthorized access to any file. There is a trash can to recover accidentally deleted files and folders. Admin can control the file retention settings and public sharing of files helping enterprises meet their IT compliance requirements.


Few Groups/Departments highlights in the Company Intranet

Organise content on intranet

Keep Content Organized using CMS

Computing for both businesses and individuals is becoming more and more decentralized and also more mobile. Your computing needs are not restricted to just your desktop PC or iMac. Rather, you need access to your workspace and documents from wherever you are at home, at the office, on the road, or travelling and on any device, be it your mobile device, phone, tablet, laptop, or something else. This means that your “workspace” needs to be online.

Creative Social intranet acts as your online content management solution. Use it to store and organize on any kind of document or media file. Securely upload large files into network drive or a team folder quickly and easily.

Share files from intranet

Share files, images, PPT from anywhere in the Intranet

Social intranet software can be used to integrate a collaboration platform, or social intranet, into an organization’s website and it allows each user to upload their important files and documents to their personal pages within the network. This way you always have access to your files from anywhere, while they are still securely maintained within your company intranet. Along with discussions, communications, content, and other work material, Uploading files to any page or post on your intranet is effortless. Attach as many files to a page or post as you need to.

Access control on intranet

Access Control and Permissions

With access control option employees are allowed to work on files collectively or limit permission to only the authorized. Employees can be assigned to project groups to see and edit files with access rights. An updated version of files can be seen to all the members having permission to read or read-write the file.

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