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Intranet document management saves you from the struggle of uploading large files on emails and downloading them at the other end. So Creative social intranet isn’t just about sharing your status and pictures, but the major chunk of task is collective document management for the organization, of course with the sharing preferences and privacy settings.

Creative Social intranet takes ultimate care to make sure your confidential information stays that way by including safeguards like file transfer over HTTPS from any device, encryption at rest. Track file activity, file access of uploaded documents and security logs which log un-authorized access to any file. There is a trash-can to recover accidentally deleted files and folders. Admin can control the file retention settings and public sharing of files helping enterprises meet their IT compliance requirements.

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Keep content organized using CMS

Computing for both businesses and individuals is becoming more and more decentralized and also more mobile. Your computing needs are not restricted to just your desktop PC or iMac. Rather, you need access to your workspace and documents from wherever you are at home, at the office, on the road, or traveling and on any device, be it your mobile device, phone, tablet, laptop, or something else. This means that your “workspace” needs to be online.

Creative Social intranet acts as your online content management solution. Use it to store and organize on any kind of document or media file. Securely upload large files into network drive or a team folder quickly and easily.

Document Sharing

Document Sharing

Share files, images, PPT from anywhere in the intranet

Social intranet software can be used to integrate a collaboration platform, or social intranet, into an organization's website and it allows each user to upload their important files and documents to their personal pages within the network.

This way you always have access to your files from anywhere, while they are still securely maintained within your company intranet. Along with discussions, communications, content, and other work material, Uploading files to any page or post on your intranet is effortless. Attach as many files to a page or post as you need to.

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