Corporate Communication and Collaboration

Corporate Communication & Collaboration

Corporate Communication is the backbone of any business. With efficient communication software, the chances of success are always very high.

Why is it so important to have corporate communication?

The corporate communication software is an Intranet application that enables staff to exchange information and hold discussions.
When using the software, you are able to share data that are in different formats, hold a discussion with one or a group of colleagues or have a conversation with a co-worker.
The software should always be secure since they are holding sensitive and secretive information that is transacted by the business entity.

Creative Social Intranet

Features of Creative Social Intranet that supports and promotes Communication and Collaboration

Live Chat

This feature includes One to one chat, Share clickable urls, Live video conference, Group chat send and receive fies, images, videos, documents, etc.

Employee Profile

Personalized with employee profile pic & cover pic
Pulling in RSS Feeds, What's new feed, Recognitions & rewards
Recommendations, Analytic keep track of employee’s contributions, Tag other users, share pictures, videos, and links

Employee Directory

Company Org Chart, Multilevel chart / supervisor levels for each user
Links to user’s profiles, Ability to print off Org Chart, Search diverse criteria, Filter results, Connect & communicate, Employee milestones - birthdays / Anni in upcoming list in directory.

Company Calendar

Google / Outlook Calendar auto Sync with diff intervals, Add events with description, Choose to set up a reoccurring schedule, Organize events by highlighting different colors, Send out Reminders and Notifications to meeting invites, Export to Google/Outlook Calendar, Customization in calendar display - list view / daily view.

Groups / Departments

virtual workspaces for all departments, Document sharing within groups, Share department events, training, and meetings schedules to your group members, Admins can be allowed to manage the groups online, Group discussions through chat, Manage department calendar to plan and communicate on events.

Announcement Board / What's new / Latest News

Employees can post announcements in company news feed, Employees can post announcements in company news feed, You can tag the employees while posting news related to that employee, You can select privacy for the news feed if it's for a specific group, Announcements can be assigned start date and end date.

Group forums

Organise forums with Groups and Topics, An aggregated view of discussion page - Title of a page where the discussion is happening, Owner of the page, Number of posts to the discussion, Date & time of the most recent comment, name of the commenter (linked to his/her intranet profile) date & time comment was made (best expressed in relative terms, i.e. 2 hours ago), Statistics, Forum notifications, Sort by date

Benefits of Using Corporate Communication Software

Helpful for future references

Online discussions and meetings can be conducted, recorded and documents. The discussions and meetings are stored for future references and can be revisited.

Encourages staff to think

The corporate communication software encourages staff to think before relaying the information.


Corporate communications software is mobile. It can be accessible anywhere anytime and as long as you have an Internet connection you can use it from anywhere.

Data transfer between one or many individuals

The software offers different formats to convey data or information from one individual to another or to a group.

Beneficial to the reserved and fresh individuals

Finally, it is beneficial to the reserved and fresh individuals who are shy to air their points of view in public.

Creative Social Intranet’s corporate communication software enables you to adjust the setting to the best clarity setup. In order to choose the best software, you'll have to try the products with a free trial. Look for the top corporate communication software available and try each trial version. By working with a trial version, you will be able to sort and come to a conclusion of the best communication software for your organisation.