Best Cloud Based Intranet Solutions

A cloud intranet provides employees with secure access to all the tools and resources they need to work from anywhere, at any time, from any device.

Cloud intranet solutions that are highly secured and fast

Quick and Easy

Considering organization’s objectives and requirements, a cloud intranet can be developed and deployed in few days time.


With an organization, a cloud based intranet also grows. Using it, teams can be extended and more users can be added to achieve goals faster and with ease.

Portable and Accessible

It’s a secure private network within a company where only authorized employees can access certain documents, save them or make changes in them.


Cloud based intranet solutions can be accessed by authorized members anytime and in any part of the globe.

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Value for Money and amazing after sales service

The Creative Social Intranet team was very proactive and always ready to support no matter what time of day or night it used to be. The team was very polite and always ready to fix issues or customise a feature as per your need.

No. of Users
Banking & Finance
5000-10000 employees
ISO certified intranet software
Cloud based intranet

Provides a simple, convenient alternative to on-premises software

  • Cloud intranet is an employee engagement platform that helps make communication possible among employees and improve company culture.
  • An internal network within a company is developed to connect employees with each other so that they can communicate and share information to achieve business objectives.
  • Using it, employees can access data and use it whenever and wherever they want. Unlike intranet, cloud intranet solutions can be utilized even when the user is outside the office premises.
  • Apart from portability, cloud intranet is easy to deploy, quick and affordable solution for communication and data sharing.
  • In today’s competitive industry, organizations have been trying different digital approaches to connect employees with each other to meet common business goals. Cloud based intranet is one such approach utilized by organizations to improve their overall performance.
Cloud Intranet Solution FAQ

Is Creative cloud Intranet right solution for your organisation

Creative social intranet is faster than other software and improves employee engagement. The creative social intranet comes with lots of fascinating features, such as a fast intranet, quick deployment, customization and availability for all kinds of latest digital devices.
Creative social intranet can be accessed by authorized employees to avail cloud intranet solutions anytime and anywhere. With just one URL, employees can connect to other employees and work with them as a team. Apart from that, no special training is required to train employees to use the intranet form.

Advantages of cloud intranet solutions?

Although there are lots of software for cloud-based intranet solutions, you should choose a cloud intranet solutions that can be updated by the service providers anytime. Cloud intranet should be easy to deploy and use.
Creative cloud intranet solution is developed in Microsoft language, while there is the availability of customization as per the demand. Loaded with the latest features, the cloud intranet solutions are affordable, secure and trustworthy.

Disadvantages of Cloud Intranet Solutions

Although cloud intranet results in extraordinary workplace, it has some disadvantages too:

  • Loss of control:
  • There is one code base provided by a cloud intranet service provider to multiple companies. Although it has cloud based intranet solutions, clients have to suffer loss of control. For example, the service provider can change features without taking client requirements into account.

  • Expensive scalability:
  • As an organization’s business demands grow, cost of utilizing cloud intranet also grows.Cloud based intranet has pros and some cons, but that doesn’t mean it is not the right solution for a company. There are various benefits, including hr cloud solutions. So, an organization should consider various open-source cloud intranet solutions.

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