Benefits of Sharing company news, updates, information with employees

Date: 16-Apr-2024

7 reasons why company information should be shared with employees

Sharing company news, updates, and information with employees on the company intranet creates a more informed, engaged, and empowered workforce, ultimately contributing to the success of the organization.

  • Transparency: Keeping employees informed about company news and updates fosters a culture of transparency. When employees are aware of what’s happening within the organization, they feel valued and included in the decision-making process. This transparency can help build trust between employees and management.
  • Alignment: Sharing company news and updates ensures that all employees are aligned with the organization’s goals, mission, and values. When everyone is on the same page, it becomes easier to work towards common objectives and maintain a cohesive company culture.
  • Engagement: Regular communication of company news and updates keeps employees engaged and connected to the organization. Employees feel more invested in their work when they understand how their contributions fit into the bigger picture of the company’s success.
  • Morale Boost: Positive news, such as company achievements, milestones, or employee recognition, can boost morale and motivation among employees. Feeling proud of their organization’s accomplishments can increase job satisfaction and commitment to the company.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Sharing information about new projects, initiatives, or changes within the company promotes knowledge sharing among employees. This allows individuals to learn from each other, collaborate more effectively, and adapt to changes in the workplace.
  • Reduced Rumors and Misinformation: By proactively sharing company news and updates, organizations can minimize the spread of rumors and misinformation among employees. Clear and timely communication helps to dispel any uncertainties or misunderstandings that may arise.
  • Empowerment: When employees are informed about company news and updates, they feel empowered to contribute ideas, provide feedback, and take ownership of their roles. This empowerment can lead to increased innovation, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Sharing company news, updates, and information boosts employee engagement in several ways:

  • Sense of Belonging: When employees are regularly informed about what’s happening in the company, they feel like they’re part of a larger community. This sense of belonging fosters a stronger connection to the organization and its mission, leading to higher engagement levels.
  • Understanding of Organizational Goals: Clear communication of company news and updates helps employees understand the organization’s goals, priorities, and direction. When employees see how their work contributes to these goals, they feel a greater sense of purpose and are more engaged in their roles.
  • Open Communication: Sharing information openly and transparently creates a culture of open communication within the organization. Employees feel valued when their input is sought and when they are kept informed about important decisions, leading to higher levels of engagement and commitment.
  • Recognition and Appreciation: Company news often includes updates on employee achievements, milestones, and recognition. When employees see their contributions being acknowledged and celebrated, they feel appreciated and valued by the organization, which in turn boosts their engagement and motivation.
  • Opportunities for Feedback and Input: Sharing news and updates creates opportunities for employees to provide feedback, ask questions, and share their ideas. When employees feel that their opinions are heard and valued, they become more engaged in the organization’s processes and initiatives.
  • Increased Trust: Transparent communication builds trust between employees and management. When employees trust that they are being given accurate and timely information, they are more likely to be engaged and committed to the organization.
  • Empowerment: Being informed about company news and updates empowers employees to take ownership of their roles and contribute to the organization’s success. Empowered employees are more likely to be engaged, motivated, and proactive in their work.


So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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