Best Intranet Solutions For Company India

Best Intranet Solutions For Company India

An intranet is a limited and restricted private communications network hosted online. Every intranet is designed in such a manner that it can be typically accessible only by a precise group of people, such as the members of a team, department or company.
Employee intranets provide staff with a centralized location to work together, share media files, communicate, train, give and receive feedback and also collaborate on a variety of other important tasks.

Enterprise Intranet Benefits

Creates a central hub

Creative Social Intranet helps in creating a central place where you can transmit information, apps, internal news and directions, tools and documents sharing.

Improves efficiency

Creative Social Intranet assists company employees to access documents, required information and intercommunicate with other employees anytime anywhere to get work done faster and more efficiently.

Toughens employee bond

Creative Social Intranet increases collaboration, leading to increased bonding between employees. It is also a company social media app designed to support real-time discussion.

Increases motivation

Creative Social Intranet also encourages company personnel to air their grievances and grudges and commends their good work via intranet that increases their morale.

On-premise & cloud intranet

Creative Social Intranet helps you to choose an Intranet platform that is designed to suit your kind of business. An upfront cost which becomes the property of the company as soon as the payment has been made or it could decide to go for a subscription-based model in which the license to use the platform is paid for either on a monthly basis or yearly basis.

Choose your tools

Creative Social Intranet aids you to consider your business requirements and select tools only that are necessary for your business instead of buying the entire software.

What kind of intranet solution best suits your company?

An intranet is best defined as a private space that gives your company employees the ability to classify, distribute, aggregate and manage all kinds of information. At the same time, an intranet facilitates you to manage vital documents, share calendars and provides a medium for various other collaborations and alliances in a very user-friendly browser-based environment.

What exactly does an intranet do for you???

In these pandemic crucial times, well just imagine a virtual office, which can be accessed by you from anywhere at any time and be shared with your peers too, so there is absolutely no loss of productivity, irrespective of the location, the time, the situation. Hey is what Creative Social Intranet exactly provides.
An intranet can have numerous useful applications and workflows that will make your entire office functioning anywhere anytime you want and in a very secure setup.

Choose your tools

Creative Social Intranet aids you to consider your business requirements and select tools only that are necessary for your business instead of buying the entire software.

Customise your intranet

Creative Social Intranet has the capability and resources to customise the intranet software as per your company needs. The intranet that is specifically designed especially for your company needs.


Creative Social Intranet has been created to be absolutely secure as it is created from scratch, and have undergone the security vulnerability test, GDPR complaint and 250 bit SSL encryption.


Creative Social Intranet is extremely flexible that can be integrated with multiple 3rd party tools to fit into your platform.


An intranet solution that is serving 50 employees today may develop numerous issues and complications when the company grows to 1,000 employees. Creative Social Intranet corporate structure has internal divisions that can provide scalable on shelf solutions.


Now you can get a fully customised intranet solution that will build employee engagement and emotional bond with your team, which will increase company value and company efficiency with complete ownership rights with On-Premise intranet solutions.

Creative Social Intranet collaborates, communicates and utilizes the internal organization resources to its maximum capacity and helps in the development of a more efficient well-organized working process.