Best Intranet Project Management Software Solutions India

Best Intranet Project Management Software Solutions India

In today's era, the digital workplace has become more generic amongst the organization and their employees. The Project Management Tools are the popular ones in this feed. These tools work with splendid efficiency for the teams to collaborate and work together on various different assignments and projects etc. Such tools and techniques are implemented within an Intranet Portal.

  • Project Management Tools are an essential part within the Intranet Software because it makes managing the projects easily and more effectively.
  • Project management tools in itself have various aspects and useful apparatuses which help the projects to save much of the time and cost both.

As such the importance of project management tools cannot be ignored in such scenarios and if the projects are more complex it creates more scope of efficacy in dealing with such tools. Employees in the company tend towards such techniques as they are user friendly and productive in every sense. Results can be generated through project management applications and henceforth can be applied in further processes.

A design area is then locked up on the intranet with private association defined through a group of site licenses to the project organization only. In this region, project team members can brainstorm ideas, share shrewdness and best practice as well as data and background research associated with the project.

Task Management

Task management is a crucial part in the portal. Basically this function allows the input provider to add the task they are assigned with, set the deadline and responsibilities concerned with it. The most popular feature in intranet is this function, as it helps in defining the tasks assigned to the employees and enables them to complete the task ahead or by the deadline. The monitoring of tasks could be easily possible with this function, also the deadlines often remain uncrossed. The task statuses and due dates are also consecutively important because hundred tasks can be a part of one single project so there should be a filter for this purpose as well and also to determine tasks with highest priority.

Time Tracking tools

Time tracking tools within intranet helps the remotely working teams to work out better. Creative Intranet enables the input of time tracking tools for the employees to track their assignments. The employees can access how much time it requires to complete a given task or project. The tool also allows to check the productivity of the employees and also teams collaborating on different projects . Every employee is able to turn up the screenshots of their task completion and update the task with a better understanding. Also for teams it enables to show each person's productivity and the total number of hours they have been working for.Most managers also believe that time tracking tools result out with more effective results; they specifically help them to track the task of employees without burdening the other team members with such additional workload. Also improves the process of planning work, estimating the accuracy of completion etc. This whole range of effective software is developed to enhance the project management functioning.

Employee Checkin & Checkout

The most common aspect to be handled by the administration department is the man power and the concern element related to them. Inorder to keep a track about the employee's presence in the company, Intranet has an inbuilt mechanism to track the in and out timings of the employees. Mandatory working hours are specified prior in the portal itself. The employees can punch in their attendance on the dashboard of the server and further can set the task with the add task option in the work report function. This enables to understand the actual work timings the employees perform and benefit them further regards with the payrolls.