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Employee needs should be quickly accessible from the Intranet Homepage.

Intranet homepage serves as a portal to your organisation. Engage users right away with relevant and personalised content, information, and media provided through a beautiful user experience.

Our Adaptable and Customized homepages

Customize the experience for the employees

Deliver a variety of homepage experiences

By designing homepages for particular staff groups, you may increase engagement and build a sense of identity inside your company. Select your audience and customize each homepage’s appearance and feel and present appropriate data.

Application panel with a custom logo

Employees have access to shortcuts to their preferred programs through their own personalized app bar, making it simple for users to navigate and connect to the numerous resources throughout their digital workplace.

Support for building your corporate brand

To create an intranet that your users will love, you must first establish your intranet’s brand. By collaborating with you to develop the ideal look and feel to motivate and engage your users, to make your intranet feel like a part of your company.

Profiles panel

Users may rapidly add blogs, browse their favorite and watched pages, give and redeem Interact Rewards, and access other useful information and actions via a sliding profile panel.Basically, you need to get the intranet homepage design perfect.

Universally available

Make your home pages user-friendly for everyone by including anything from high-contrast themes for people with visual impairments to full keyboard accessibility. we can say that your home pages are completely accessible, ensuring that every user gets the most out of your intranet. 

Preparing and integrating new hires

Before new employees ever enter your workplace, start interacting with them. With early access to your intranet and the Welcome and Onboarding Homepages from Interact, it’s simple to give new hires important information .

Unique Homepage Experiences

Employees no longer have to launch their web browser to access the intranet. Being present where the employees are is crucial in the current digital workplace; surface your news, advice, and search to individuals in the applications where they spend the majority of their working hours. The goal should be to connect with your internal customers where they are most frequently seen, even if you are not using Microsoft platforms.

An intranet that is actually relevant to a person and how they operate is made possible by personalization. A person’s homepage can be filled with truly relevant material by utilizing profile data from Active Directory, permissions, and site memberships, preferences, and subscriptions. With material that is additionally tailored to their function, division, region, and native language, this is crucial in large, complicated businesses with a highly diversified workforce. It might also be pertinent in situations when there is a risk of information overload, employees have a tonne of duties to complete, or collaborative sites need to be monitored.

A sizable customized space on the right helps staff members stay on top of their to-do lists by providing:

  • Updating their profile.
  • Required readings.
  • Favorite collaborative platforms that they use.
  • Recently completed docs.

Intranets can help ensure that business processes at your firm function smoothly on a daily basis. The intranet plays a significant part in daily work by informing employees of vital updates and any necessary actions from across your firm as well as providing them with a summary of the status of various operations. Employees can stay on top of operations with the support of a number of beneficial elements included in this design, such as:

  • A noticeboard feature with a roll-up of updates from many departments and locations all across the organization.
  • An example of a status board that might be used to display the status of operational systems is a Red Amber Green board.
  • An embedded social media feed that can display real-time conversations and posts made by customers.
  • A data dashboard that might show current information on sales, health and safety performance, the proportion of issues resolved, or something altogether different.

An intranet homepage that focuses more on news is likely if your main goal is to increase engagement through internal communications. It can appear very dull if this is overly text-heavy, though. Your intranet homepage can seem much more inviting with the addition of a lot of photographs and color blocks, which frequently increase traffic to specific pages.

Findability is an essential duty for intranets, assisting staff in locating material to do their regular duties and complete tasks. The homepage layout in the image below is somewhat different and encourages staff to locate what they need. It features a sizable search bar that takes up most of the page and a number of icons that might connect users to either apps or important intranet sections. In this scenario, the search is focused on locating project and research-related files. To make the process of sharing information as simple as possible, there is a shortcut to upload content in the top-right.

It can happen for intranet teams to discover they have a lot of use cases for the intranet homepage or a lot of stakeholders with divergent opinions on how the intranet homepage should look. In these situations, it may be beneficial to occasionally opt for a site that is more evenly balanced and gives equity to a variety of distinct features.

A good example of a screenshot that strikes a mix between internal messaging, evergreen task-oriented information, social updates, and even outside news is the text that follows:

  • News items in a prominent hero area and event information on a separate web part.
  • A stream of all the most recent employee blogs that balances corporate communications with user-generated material.
  • A list of updates from external websites, likewise with an external focus, would help balance the news’ internal concentration.
Homepages for intranets are essential.

Great intranet homepage designs that we hope will inspire you.

Homepages for intranets are essential. Employees typically access other pages or apps from there, and they’re also where news is digested. Additionally, they have the power to make or break your adoption. If your intranet site is difficult to understand or looks bad, employees will be far less inclined to use the remainder of the system. Basically, you need to get the intranet homepage design perfect.

The majority of intranet software will provide you some flexibility to customize your intranet homepage in a way that will work best for you. Of course, the technological platform you are using will also greatly affect and determine your homepage design.

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Excellent Intranet Portal for Employee Engagement & Communications

We opted to go ahead with Creative for our Intranet Portal development as it fulfilling our most important criteria of easy customization as per our needs. Creative has delivered whatever is agreed upon and the team was very helpful during our implementation phase as well. We have been using Creative Intranet Portal for Employee Engagement, Communication, Collaborations and our added Processes like Leaves & Attendance, Reimbursements, Business Travel etc.

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1001-5000 employees
Invest on people = Invest in Business

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