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Our chat feature in Creative Social Intranet enables to post internal messages to their colleagues, managers, or entire team within a private, non-shared space, so that conversations stay focused and secure.

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Tested under various security norms

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We try to resolve all the issues round the clock.

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Undergone vulnerability & penetration tests.

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Give staff a workplace that entertains yet motivates

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The Creative Social Intranet team was very proactive and always ready to support no matter what time of day or night it used to be. The team was very polite and always ready to fix issues or customise a feature as per your need.

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Banking & Finance
5000-10000 employees
Intranet Chat Solution

Now easily send internal messages from within the Creative Social Intranet software keeping lines of communication focused within one platform, reducing distractions and context-switching.

Modern internal communication software proved to be an exceptional tool for internal intelligence and a comprehensive program for archiving business intelligence and expertise. Blog in gives a simple to use, out-of-the-box inner blog solution for your business that allows your representatives to instantly share ideas, news, and knowledge, pitch ideas, ask questions and gain feedback.

The option to form ad hoc group conversations allows individuals who are uninterested in the discourse to remain undisturbed and focused on their activities.

Flexible notification choices allow you to choose how and when you want to be notified.

Send and receive photographs and videos within your Chats, and then easily access those media at any time.

Send only broadcast messagesTurn off the “reply” option for making significant announcements to large group Chats to create broadcast-style messages, reducing noise and notification overload.

Keep Chats ArchivedAdmins can control who has the power to delete messages from a Chat, ensuring that critical data or evidence is not lost.

To prevent sensitive information from being tracked or shared, set messages to “self-destruct” after a particular amount of time.

Modern Intranet Solution

Eliminate email with internal intranet messaging

With a Chat feature that connects people and groups in real time, you can eliminate communication bottlenecks that impede your work.

  • Eliminate time-consuming email threads, text chains, and personal instant messaging apps.
  • Reach both frontline and deskbound employees with a cross-platform Chat tool that encourages inclusive communication. 
  • Encourage cooperation by providing unrestricted, easy-to-use document and media sharing. 
  • Manage robust compliance tools and modify settings to meet your organization’s compliance needs.

Eliminate the communication roadblocks

Keep messages organised with real time notifications.

Universal communication

Everyone in your organization can easily reach each other on their preferred devices, as they are available in-browser, on mobile, and as standalone Windows and Mac apps.

Know everyone got the message

Allow read receipts and flag messages as “important” to guarantee that your entire staff is aware of significant announcements and disaster alarms.

Express yourself

Employees may express themselves and have fun with emojis, gifs, and unique statuses. Furthermore, the “react” option allows recipients to respond succinctly without activating notifications.

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