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The Creative Social Intranet team was very proactive and always ready to support no matter what time of day or night it used to be. The team was very polite and always ready to fix issues or customise a feature as per your need.

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FAQ on Enterprise Social Networking App

Effective means of communication forms a major part of the working of an organization to ensure a collaborative work environment. The need to better facilitate this collaboration amongst team members within an enterprise has given rise to corporate social intranet. Such an in-house platform is marked by a corporate social network in collaboration with third-party social media platforms.

This enterprise social platform is thus an upgraded or extended version of a conventional intranet wherein the association with social media platforms enables the employees to better communicate and develop healthy working relationships with each other.

Numerous enterprises are now readily adopting enterprise social network platforms owing to not only the wide range of collaborative opportunities it offers but also the work output it brings from employees.

Here are the broad benefits of shifting to social intranet:

  • Increased Self-expression
    Through corporate social media, employees find it easier to participate in work discussions using tools such as comment, tag, links, and so on.
  • Ecosystem of Information
    With access to enterprise search engines that makes use of an open area of enterprise data, employees benefit a great deal from the intranet search strategy when it comes to gathering information. The admin can further give access rights to multiple users or customize the information available to ensure security of using the platform.
  • Executive Participation
    While many employees do not get a chance to interact with the leadership of the company, enterprise social media enables them to bridge this gap and collaborate or engage with the management as well.

Best enterprise social network comprises of numerous collaborative as well as easy to use tools and features. Creative Social Intranet offers such powerful intranet solutions that ensure faster on boarding and deeper engagement of employees. Their social intranet platforms are not only easy to use and web based but secured upon quality servers. Their customized intranet solutions are also responsive to mobile devices to provide convenience of usability. One can choose either local or cloud based server or get the best features of both through a hybrid solution.

Advantages of social intranet

Why Choose Creative Social Intranet?

  • Their internal enterprise social network is developed in Microsoft language and is easy to use and browse through owing to the fast and clear user interface.
  • Our software is completely protected to ensure….
  • Creative Social Intranet is highly responsive
  • Our Intranet software is loaded
  • The personal support service of Creative further makes them a preferred service amongst reputed businesses and organizations. You may contact them for further assistance with your particular needs and their team of professionals would work to suggest and provide the best intranet solution for you.

Support & Upgrades

Creative Social Intranet works with organizations from all over the world, so we’re all over the world too.

  • With offices in multiple time zones, we provide customers with the best possible care around the clock.
  • In the Creative Social Intranet, you can collaborate directly with our team, as well as fellow Creative Social Intranet users.
  • Creative Social Intranet team continuously thrives on making the product better. We provide regular updates with substantial additions to the offering provided at no charge.
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