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As a company contains a large number of employees working for them, it’s important to have some assets ready for any emergency. Assets like laptop, mobile, projector etc can be issued or booked.

Asset Booking

Easy Asset scheduling

With an asset booking system, simply schedule assets in the company intranet calendar which is integrated with your regular G suite, Outlook or any other app.

Easy Asset booking

Book available asset bookings, find and book the right asset at the right time, anytime and anywhere.

View Asset booking status

Check asset booking availability status, user who booked the asset, and time slots. Connect with users to book urgent assets in already booked asset bookings.

Track Asset usage patterns

Admin can view tools booking statistics from intranet admin and find peak usage hours and frequency of asset bookings booked.

Asset Booking System Benefits

From the technical point of view, using such a flexible asset booking system is not that hard with the existence of a simple interface that can be operated by any professional in the company. With quick access to the system for everyone within the organization, one has to select a particular asset and time when they want while booking with no difficulty at all.

It so happens within the company that you might have hired some employees on an urgent basis and you lack some assets and because of this the company might have to face some bad impression in front of them. With the help of said software, one is able to quickly see the empty slot and book the same at an instant to let the reputation of the company go intact.

Using online asset booking software simply means utilizing company’s resources like digital displays, wireless keyboard, projector and other such devices while selecting the same during an asset allotment task.

Using traditional methods of allocating a tool often results in wasting relevant employee’s time and energy that simply hamper overall productivity. But, with online booking systems, you have empty slots available in front of the screen that can be booked within a fraction of seconds.

There would be no issue like making double booking of the same seat at the same time with a different group as information is updated instantly on the software that allows everyone to see the locked slot for any team member.

Boost Productivity by Knowing Asset Usage

Problems the company faces during multiple meetings in the office

Organizing assets with the staff, clients or other members of the office requires a proper tool in the asset booking which is at times not possible for everyone. Manually booking an asset for the employees is successful to a certain extent, but the unexpected arrival of any employee makes the matter go confusing and a big question mark on the company’s reputation for having a lack of Assets.

In order to cope with such common issues, an asset booking system in Creative Social Intranet has been introduced to modernize the process of booking a particular asset for official employees with all the necessary devices and gadgets. A kind of booking system with an easy-to-access interface allows you to book an asset as per the calculated team of members on a prescribed time and date schedule with no such reason for delaying the same. Unlike a manual Calendar system, where only a handful of team members know about asset booking, an online booking system provides the same set of information to every single person in the company without any confusion at all.

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