SAAS Based Intranet Portal Solutions India

SAAS Based Intranet Portal Solutions India

What is SAAS?

Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) is a popular form of cloud computing software model, primarily used by service providers by hosting applications for the ultimate customers and making the software available for the customers via the internet. Along with major cloud services like infrastructure-as-a-service (Iaas) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS), SAAS is also one such vital service among them.
Creative Social Intranet is a SAAS based intranet portal for organization to conduct a systematic offering of businesses and enabling employee engagement which help to make communication and collaboration possible within the organization. The SAAS based approach is the most affordable and easy to deploy solution for communication and data sharing. As the SAAS model is easy to access, software delivering for different business applications has become very generic with it. SAAS offers various services available for various types of business applications including email and collaboration, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), database management, human resources management, task and content management etc. Users access to the applications via web browser whereas in some organizations they may use a thin client terminal.

Intranet SAAS solutions, Doesn't require to purchase, correct, refurbish or improve any instruments, middleware or software. SaaS provides even excellent review utilization, such as ERP and CRM, affordable for businesses that need the assistance to buy, use and keep the wanted guide and software themselves. With data gathered in the cloud, users can obtain their data from any Internet-connected organization or movable device. And when app data is saved in the cloud, no data is lost if a user’s machine or machine divisions.

SAAS cloud services are priced on subscription basis either monthly or yearly. The installation has an upfront cost and the ongoing support fees are optional in some cases. Also the price differs based on parameters such as number of people using the application, number of transactions or some other parameter.
Creative Social Intranet focuses on SAAS cloud computing because it saves the organization from installing and running applications on our own systems. Reduces the associated cost with the hardware purchases and maintenance of software. The initial cost of setting the application is quite lower than any other equivalent software purchased via a site license. Also the long term costs of software licensing gets reduced, though it actually depends upon the pricing model for the individual SAAS application usage pattern. SAAS also provides companies with flexibility with cloud services. Companies subscribe to SAAS offering as and when needed rather than having to actually buy software licenses. It provides a pay-as-you-go model of payments which makes the costs of enterprises to ongoing operating expenses, ultimately which leads in easier managing of budgets. It is possible that the companies can quit the subscription and thus stop the recurring cost.

What Benefits do SAAS serve
Quick and Easy

The SAAS softwares is already installed and configured with the inputs required by the users. The user is enabled with provisioning the server i.e. the cloud so that within a couple of hours the application gets ready. This reduces the time of installation, configuration and also deploys the application faster.

Scalability along with Integration

SAAS applications are cloud based and can be assessed and are scalable with SAAS offerings. With enabling the software, users don’t need to buy another server or software. The users only need to enable a SAAS offering, whereas the server capacity planning is owned by the SAAS provider. These inputs can be extended to many users which helps in achieving goals faster and with ease.

Easily accessible

SAAS applications are easy to access because the inputs and samples are already driven into it. The users can look for the proof of concepts and also test the functionality, featuring of the software. Users can use SAAS offering for testing prior to actually buying it.

Secure network

Security must be the prime objective of the SAAS vendors. SAAS applications are more driven towards strong security and privacy outrage. It enables IT resilience prior to allowing access to the data. The hardware and software both updates are taken care of in the application.