Intranet Solutions For Beginners India

Intranet Solutions For Beginners India

Though Intranet has been around from more than twenty years but still many setups haven’t had the time or headspace to consider an Intranet service in their organization

Though Intranet has been around from more than twenty years but still many setups haven’t had the time or headspace to consider an Intranet service in their organization. As a beginner your main focus is to grow rapidly as soon as possible. All such startup organizations use email, file shares and even paper based process for communication. Employees use their own solution designed for both the internal and client interactions. There will come a time when the need of intranet will grow because of fact that nobody can find anything. The cumulative effect of inefficiencies and frustration will result in chaos in the organization’s performance.

Intranet for Beginners or Start Ups

Intranet is a private communication network with restricted access to internal employees. It is a platform that contains large number of tools and modules specifically designed to enhance efficiency of company’s transactions. This technology has potential to help employees in getting their job done in more productive way. For starters, Intranet is a single platform that suffices your need of effective and efficient internal communication, knowledge management, HR activities, collaboration and many more. Its applications are modified as per the needs of organization or set of employees in a team. The new age Intranet is vibrant, employee centered platform that help people to get their work done. It is not a static or out of date content dump where you cannot find anything.

To enable Intranet, you should start interacting with all key stakeholders like senior leaders, IT, HR and communications etc. Get all the information about challenges and day to day problems faced by different group of people. Once you have done your homework that how Intranet will add value to your setup, start exploring the market and latest choices available in market. Tracking all the benefits that intranet will bring is important task. It is essential to do the process formally and then select the product or software and implementation partner. By answering all the questions like what are the pain points? What business problem you are trying to solve? , you can ensure that your product contains right features and is designed around employee needs what they actually want, not the way YOU THINK they want.

Agencies like Creative Social Intranet who understands the technology well can assist you at all stages of your implementation journey. You should keep in my mind that building Intranet is very different from building an external facing websites. All the digital agencies out there in market may not hold experience or knowledge for Intranet, so speak to an agency which has proven records of good products and services with clear understanding of the channel.

More and more businesses ranging from small to large setups are investing in Intranet solution for a range of business issues. Setting up an Intranet can still be a daunting and a challenging task for any organization especially if technology is not really your thing. Our product and services examines all the necessary steps and action required for a smooth and hassle free setup. Our guide serves as checklist to make sure no critical element is missed in the entire process.