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intranet microlearning
intranet microlearning
intranet microlearning

Growth is driven by Continual Learning.

Get a better ROI on training with the right employee e-learning app

Use Lessons to create microlearning content

​Microlearning uses actionable content which can be broken into pieces for a targeted topic and can be easily received by the user.

Review, Results, Share the Wins

Encouragement is a vital thing to boost learners. Gamification is what employees are familiar with, so to align with it creates an addictive draw to the leaderboards, achievements, and dynamic engagement.

Mobile Driven

Designed in a mobile responsive way has been creating a learning experience that catches relevancy. It auto-resizes to look beautiful on the computer screen as well, but grabs more engagement on mobile.

Campaign creation and scheduling the release of contents

Campaigns act as folders for micro lessons. It is possible to release all the lessons at once or either drip out the lessons. But it is very important to keep the learners informed about the upcoming content through text messages, emails and push notifications.

Social Learning

It is easy to quantify the results through polls. So here the people’s answers to various questions are analyzed and recognized on the basis of the responses on the leaderboard for progress.

Just-in-time Notifications

With Microlearning it is possible for learners to access the information when they need it most. The assets in this function are compact with various tools and which allows learners to gain new knowledge just in time to meet their immediate requirements.

Web-based Learning

Learners were able to think critically and creatively in an environment that was promoted by e-learning. They were able to establish a personal connection with the audience and stimulate the desire for further.

Employee training is the most practical option to stay competitive in the workplace. Companies expend a lot of resources in employee training by providing top-notch programmes for training and development.

A new hire’s enthusiasm for working for your company might be heightened by immersive learning tools. A fantastic method to keep new employees engaged with the firm is to provide them with access to virtual learning opportunities, tools, company social events, and meet-ups. New hires are urged to participate in the virtual world of their organisation, which gives them a sense of presence and continuity with their early days, rather than static teleconferencing.

E-learning aids in enhancing employee engagement and retention. A well-executed training and development strategy can also improve productivity, creativity, and efficiency. Naturally, staff benefit from training, which eventually benefits your company’s profitability and consumers.

Effective way of online learning offering

Creative Social Intranet promotes active and independent learning

  • Organizations that invest in impactful onboarding and systematic learning of employees do 3 times better than those that do not in terms of their year-on-year growth and stability.
  • To ensure the success of your eLearning and onboarding programs, you need to identify the right kind of content to produce and publish to your employees through the most impactful and effective platforms.
  • We can help build and impart effective onboarding to new employees and enhance learning experience for existing employees by bringing your content on a highly interactive platform.

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