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Employee Assets

Turn your Employees into Assets

Your people can be one of your Greatest Asset – but it all depends on how you actually treat them! Miserable and Unhappy employees can cost companies billions of money every year in form of lost revenues, adjustments and other compensations. One such research conducted by Gallup states that disengaged employees cost companies a bomb; almost $450-to-$550 billion is lost productivity each year due to poor performance and elevated absenteeism. There are a few companies’ that still appreciate micromanagement. Here it is witnessed that few of the most loyal dignified employees become so disengaged towards the end that their pay Turn your Employees into Assets

Micro-Learning Deployment In Blended

3 Savvy Ways For Micro-Learning Deployment In Blended Learning

It is necessary that the microlearning modules have to be delivered in the right way to make an impact on the blended learning strategy. microlearning is one of the best training strategies for employees because it delivers learning to them when and where they want it and these short bursts of information can be accessed by learners at their convenience. However, how is Micro-Learning deployment achieved to ensure that it reaches learners? Microlearning modules are used to deliver the latest information and updates quickly and easily when information is updated and improved. These updates can be sent out through social 3 Savvy Ways For Micro-Learning Deployment In Blended Learning

positive work culture

Gamification helps corporate training

Gamification is reshaping corporate training today. It has become a trending buzz for training in the corporate world. In the modern workspace, gamification plays a major role in providing an experience full of fun and excitement. The main idea behind integrating games in training is to boost the engagement level. Through games, employees play with an aim to win, thereby accessing more courses and improving their knowledge competency levels. Get better workplace performance with Intranet gamification software

3 Ways how Senior Leaders Create a Toxic Culture

3 Ways how Senior Leaders Create a Toxic Culture

It’s a known fact; in general, people at the top of an organization usually have a disproportionate level of influence over those they escort or lead, whether controlling the entire company, a department, a project, a region, or a business unit. And those further downward in the organization always look up to their leaders for cues on what’s okay and acceptable and what isn’t. Having your actions play out in public is a huge responsibility, and unfortunately, not too many leaders take this responsibility and authorization as seriously as they should. And its consequences can be further reaching than most 3 Ways how Senior Leaders Create a Toxic Culture

Block Chain

How Blockchain Will Modify the Way We Live and Work

Hacker Proof In all fields ranging from banking and secure communication to health care and ride-sharing, blockchain has a huge impact on the future of the market. Blockchain is the backbone of a new type of internet which allows digital information to be distributed not copied. This technology enables distributed storage that holds immutable data in a secure and encrypted form that cannot be altered. We cannot understate the impact of Blockchain as it is similar to all other future technologies. This kind of setup has obvious benefits. The records are public and easily verifiable so hackers can’t corrupt the How Blockchain Will Modify the Way We Live and Work

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