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Transforming Talent Acquisition with AI

According to the Harvard Business Review (HBR), up to 44 percent of businesses are incorporating AI in IT functions, while a further 19 percent use it to anticipate their customers’ future purchases and present relevant offers. Increasingly, however, companies are beginning to see the benefits of artificial intelligence in recruitment, with 96 percent of senior HR professionals believing AI has the potential to greatly enhance talent acquisition and retention, according to Ideal. Here are three ways to bring the best out of talent acquisition with AI: 1. Employee Success Hiring the right people and getting them on board is a Transforming Talent Acquisition with AI

Digital Transformation – What does it take??

Digital transformation is now a part of nearly every industry because of enterprise’s battle for a competitive edge in this digital age. Despite this competitive edge, enterprises still struggle with a number of common issues as they begin to transition from legacy equipment to more customer-focused tools. It takes risk and commitment as well as agility and experimentation to deliver a successful digital transformation in modern times. While we all believe we have the best strategy in place, let’s also understand that everything that we are trying now might not be the best because the digital field is constantly evolving. Digital Transformation – What does it take??

Creative Social intranet at Nasscomm

Creative Social Intranet at NASSCOM HR Summit 2018

NASSCOM HR Summit  The National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) organized an executive debate on current HR trends this past week. The session focused on the topic “Employee Engagement to Employee Effectiveness: Achieving Returns and Delivering Results,” acknowledging the changing perceptions of employees about their employers and their work. Examining the role of HR in fostering an organizational culture that encourages millennials, gig workers, and robots to coexist and prosper is possible at the NASSCOM HR Summit 2018, which will be held in Chennai. Additionally, it talk about how HR will influence the business partnership strategy in the Creative Social Intranet at NASSCOM HR Summit 2018

Do You Have An Employee Engagement Strategy??

Will Mechanization Eat Into HR Employments?

Envision the entire HR group disassembled in your office. With expanding mechanization, manual work has been essentially supplanted by advanced programming and ERP frameworks. And, do you think the automated HR procedures will run smoothly without labor? Will it totally and absolutely supersede manual work? There is no straight response to these inquiries. HR, dissimilar to any other system work, is in any case, not a mechanical job. Despite the fact that there is more amount of handling work to be done in a few zones, for example, finance and enlistment, and the majority of these capacities are now computerized Will Mechanization Eat Into HR Employments?

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