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Remote Workers

How to Build a Social Intranet for Remote Workers?

According to a recent poll, 87% of employees want to work remotely at least one day a week. Sixty-eight percent of Americans believe that the ideal work environment combines both remote work and on-site work. Your company can attract talent and expertise without having to expand its physical footprint by establishing remote and hybrid work environments. However, establishing an efficient hybrid environment that enables collaboration and communication across teams and departments can be tricky. The issues and concerns that you need to address in order to effectively manage a remote workforce should be clear to you. Remote workers and managers How to Build a Social Intranet for Remote Workers?

Zero Coding Skills

How You Can Create A Company Intranet With Zero Coding Skills?

Small and medium-sized businesses, in particular, will benefit from the ability to employ software without requiring specialized coding abilities. Thanks to no-code intranet apps, this is now possible for every company. So, here’s a step-by-step tutorial on building a workplace intranet without knowing how to code. Small Business Advantages of No-Code Intranets How Can I Create A No-Code Intranet? It’s simple with intranet apps! The needed coding, basic layout, and design are already included in the apps. All you have to do now is choose the applications and tools that are important to your company. Then you personalize the interface How You Can Create A Company Intranet With Zero Coding Skills?

Intranet Cost

How Much Does an Intranet Cost?

Whatever your intranet’s capabilities are, they are a smart investment for most businesses; nonetheless, the cost will always be one of the primary factors influencing what sort of intranet solution you get, how it will be built, and who builds it. This article highlights the measures you can take to ensure your workplace intranet is cost-effective, as well as essential questions to ask, beginning with why you need one. What Exactly Do You Want Your Intranet to Accomplish? What do you want to gain from your intranet? How may having an intranet benefit your organization? What issues would an intranet How Much Does an Intranet Cost?

Search Engine for Enterprises

Make Enterprise Search a Success Factor for Intranets

While there may be disagreements over how to design and build the finest intranet, one thing is certain: if employees come and can’t find what they’re looking for right away, they’re unlikely to return. The finest workplace search software should make it easier for employees to find what they need and eliminate that stumbling block. Search Is Where It All Begins When It Comes To Online Activity According to BrightEdge’s 2019 research, organic and sponsored searches dominate web traffic. In fact, it was discovered that a search accounted for 68 percent of all trackable website visits. If you want people Make Enterprise Search a Success Factor for Intranets

Enhance Intranet Mobile Experience

Intranet Design: 5 Practices That Build A Mobile-First Experience

A successful intranet design is not only about implementing the correct color schemes, typography, logos, and other brand elements of your company. Though these elements are necessary, intranet design is not limited to them. Creating a responsive design should top your design checklist. That’s because half of the web traffic engages through mobile devices, implying that the days of desktops will be numbered soon. So, it’s essential to have a responsive intranet design both for mobile and laptop users. Below we list the list of important principles of mobile intranet design. Format Intranet Content For Easily Digestible Chunks It is Intranet Design: 5 Practices That Build A Mobile-First Experience

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