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3 Easy Ways To Use Gamification In Your Employee Onboarding Process

It is found that 31% of employees have quit the company within their first six months. Of these, a large chunk of employees alludes to the lack of fun at work and training sessions. Gamification as an onboarding strategy serves two main goals that are to make training fun and to accelerate the pace of learning. Why Use Gamification for Onboarding? Gamification is essentially the use of concepts which is widespread in traditional video games to motivate and boost users’ encouragement to perform certain tasks. In employee training, reward points and badges motivate the user to learn and complete the 3 Easy Ways To Use Gamification In Your Employee Onboarding Process

How Employee Onboarding Software helps HR Department

In every organization, the HR department has one of the primary responsibilities which is to recruit new employees and ensure they are up to speed. It is essential that the HR department should be properly onboard in order to onboard others. There are some ways that employee onboarding software helps to cut costs and improves employee retention. a) Imparts practical experience without the risk: The HR department has a variety of tasks to tackle ranging from evaluating the candidates to providing new hires with all the information they needed once they are onboarded. There are also ongoing job responsibilities such How Employee Onboarding Software helps HR Department

Employee Onboarding tips and ideas to make inspire new joinees and team

Employee Onboarding is the best method used in talent acquisition. If it is done right then your employee onboarding process can easily become your secret weapon for hiring new employees and retaining them. A successful employee onboarding program ensures that your new employees show up on their first day at the new job as a successful onboarding begins at the moment when the new employee accepts the offer letter. If you fail to engage your new employees until their beginning then they might accept a better offer from other organizations. It also helps to improve the retention, engagement, satisfaction, and productivity Employee Onboarding tips and ideas to make inspire new joinees and team

Features in Creative employee onboarding

Many organizations find themselves struggling to engage employees and also fail miserably to get them productive and up-to-speed in time, so it is essential to choose the right employee onboarding program. Onboarding is the process of welcoming a new employee into an organization. Sometimes it is crucial, but it is a part of the employee experience. The employee onboarding software exists to make the onboarding process better not only for the organization but also for the new employees. Creative an Indian company provides the modern approach of investing in employee onboarding software for new employee training purposes. Below mentioned are some features which help in describing Features in Creative employee onboarding

Gamification helps corporate training

Gamification is reshaping corporate training today. It has become a trending buzz for training in the corporate world. In the modern workspace, gamification plays a major role in providing an experience full of fun and excitement. The main idea behind integrating games in training is to boost the engagement level. Through games, employees play with an aim to win, thereby accessing more courses and improving their knowledge competency levels. Get better workplace performance with Intranet gamification software

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