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The Future of HR Platforms in India – Business Perspective

Human Resource is surely to be the most important part of a business that results in managing employee’s data, hire a more talented workforce and nourishes the overall framework of the company. No matter, what the size and scope of your business organization are, the HR department will be at the mainstream of operations to streamline information of every single member of the company. The Increasing HR Emphasis over Tech-Driven System With the current ecosystem of business scenario largely depends upon software initiation inside, the HR department is also driving towards the means of getting technical. Mainly to bring administrative The Future of HR Platforms in India – Business Perspective

HR trends for 2018

The year 2018 has increasingly complex challenges for HR and for other professionals. Artificial intelligence has introduced intellectual technology into enterprises. Such systems can communicate and collaborate with humans, learn with each interaction, follow, learn and develop through experience. These systems are catered images, photos, data, videos, text, and more—information with which they can develop their digital intelligence. These systems perceive, reason, learn and interact. How should HR act in the face of such advances? HR professionals must be prepared and ready to: Forecast the skills that the market needs for the next few years Define the new skills for HR trends for 2018

Social Media, Tech, Digital Impacts on Workplaces

What effect is social media, mobile, and tech having on the workplace? From remote working and cloud computing to artificial intelligence and automation, how people interact with their colleagues and clients is changing. Over most people’s careers, they now spend more than a third of their waking hours at work. Estimates have the average person spending more than 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime, which is a huge proportion of one’s life. Statistics such as this show that the way in which people work is ever more important. It affects happiness, health, and prosperity. The way people work is Social Media, Tech, Digital Impacts on Workplaces

Creative Social intranet at World HR Summit Goa

Creative Social Intranet at the World HR Summit Goa 2018

The World HR Summit 2018 is all about the Future of the Working Environments, the Future of Human Resources, Future Smart HR Management Systems and its impact on the Society. This two-day Summit aims at transforming the way one thinks about the HR Profession and shifting your paradigms to perspectives that you have not yet considered. The Summit is all about going “beyond” the ongoing HR debates, becoming an impressive journey and must-attend highlight for a progressive HR curriculum. The World HR Summit 2018 will address the technological changes that are impacting HR and also considering technology in the context Creative Social Intranet at the World HR Summit Goa 2018

Creative Social Intranet at SHRM summit in Bangalore

Creative expanding its network in SHRM summit Hyderabad, one the largest HRM summit in India

SHRM Tech Conference, The SHRM Tech Conference, which focuses on the quickly changing workplaces, exponential technological breakthroughs that are driving this transformation, and HR’s expanding position as the engine of this revolution, has become Asia’s fastest-growing HR Technology Conference. The conference brings together HR and technology professionals from the area and covers key developments in HR Tech through a variety of pertinent seminars and demos. The conference brings together the top professionals from across the world to discuss how technology can change the face of HR while showcasing ground-breaking workplace technology. What is in Shrm Conference? The focus of SHRM Creative expanding its network in SHRM summit Hyderabad, one the largest HRM summit in India

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