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What should be your business priorities post lock down?

Coronavirus has not only affected our surroundings, loved ones, and people, but also businesses and economies around the world. Although a consensus has developed around the utilization of remote operations and social distancing to slow down transmission in some high-pervasiveness settings, a couple of nations, for example, Sweden, are seeking an option “crowd invulnerability” procedure concentrated on ensuring the most helpless populaces while utilizing just restricted removing measures to smooth the bend for other people. The objective is to maintain many aspects of economic and social life today and, over time, to create a large enough pool of exposed people What should be your business priorities post lock down?

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How HR can keep people safe from Corona virus?

The outbreak of Coronavirus, a pandemic as declared by The World Health Organization, has been disastrous so far. To fairly deal with this COVID-19 virus, impulsive reactions won’t work and instead can create more harm. As people leaders, we have to respond mindfully but at the same time consider the consequences on the employees as well. It isn’t the first time the whole world is dealing with such a crisis. Between SARS, MERS, and Influenza, there are plenty of things to look back upon. What was done then, which initiatives helped out, and which created havoc at that time? The How HR can keep people safe from Corona virus?

New Hires

How to Welcome your New Hire to Your Team Even Before They Start!!!

Well, many congratulations! You’ve conquered the tough part: hired a new perfect candidate to join your esteemed workforce. Optimistically they’ll be starting off soon in their new role and you can get your skates on all the thrilling goals you’ve set for them. But hello before their first day arrives, are you prepared as a manager to welcome your new employee with open arms? There are a few things to be considered, while some are more logical—like figuring out where they’ll be situated and what will be their work in their first week, who will they report to. Other things How to Welcome your New Hire to Your Team Even Before They Start!!!

On-boarding buddy

Why every new employee needs an on boarding buddy?

Bringing a new employee onboard can be both an exciting and stressful all at the same time. And if managers play a vital role in shaping the new employees’ first few weeks and months, a good team effort will ensure positive and productive experience. Over the years, many multinationals has been working to improvise on its employee onboarding process. A simple action like managers having one-on-one meetings with their new hires during their first week on the job has its own outsized benefits. Onboarding hires also play a crucial role in ensuring management of a successful onboarding experience. Onboarding buddies help the fresh Why every new employee needs an on boarding buddy?

Employee Assets

Turn your Employees into Assets

Your people can be one of your Greatest Asset – but it all depends on how you actually treat them! Miserable and Unhappy employees can cost companies billions of money every year in form of lost revenues, adjustments and other compensations. One such research conducted by Gallup states that disengaged employees cost companies a bomb; almost $450-to-$550 billion is lost productivity each year due to poor performance and elevated absenteeism. There are a few companies’ that still appreciate micromanagement. Here it is witnessed that few of the most loyal dignified employees become so disengaged towards the end that their pay Turn your Employees into Assets

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