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How Blockchain Will Modify the Way We Live and Work

Hacker Proof In all fields ranging from banking and secure communication to health care and ride-sharing, blockchain has a huge impact on the future of the market. Blockchain is the backbone of a new type of internet which allows digital information to be distributed not copied. This technology enables distributed storage that holds immutable data in a secure and encrypted form that cannot be altered. We cannot understate the impact of Blockchain as it is similar to all other future technologies. This kind of setup has obvious benefits. The records are public and easily verifiable so hackers can’t corrupt the How Blockchain Will Modify the Way We Live and Work

The Difference of Productivity Between Gen Z and Millennial

The labor pool is made up of as many as five generations with disparate demands and ever-declining levels of engagement. Companies are making more innovative efforts to meet the varied employee needs and expectations to communicate effectively and attract, retain, and engage good employees. Gen Z is still at the beginning of professional careers whereas the millennial crowd is already part of the working world. Both are colliding in the mode of working and are creating new demands. Technology and economic factors have disrupted many things and one of them is the workforce ambience. Companies in the United States even declared the The Difference of Productivity Between Gen Z and Millennial

Balancing Human Talent, Connect and Technology

Human element can never be replaced in any business. Technology has enabled professionals to engage better and make smart decisions for them.  We surely need technology and human connection to provide a WOW experience to the business and society. The massive technological revolution is redefining the term ‘work’,  though it’s inconceivable to predict what future holds but we should be prepared for it. Digitization of human resource is now a necessity to prioritize and balance human talent and technology for the right use. Pursuing automation as an end goal can trigger man machine conflict. AI enabled technologies are helping in implementing smarter processes, more incisive decision making and Balancing Human Talent, Connect and Technology

Internal or External for your company Intranet portal

Company intranet portal hosting can be a challenge. Firstly let’s define Intranet An intranet is a network that is only accessible to users/employees within an organization. It is a private and restricted internal Web-based site. Intranets are mostly hosted externally, especially in companies that don’t have the required IT staff or infrastructure to run them. What are the advantages and disadvantages of intranet external hosting to a company? Disadvantages of External Hosting Advantages of External Hosting Do you need help in determining the best intranet solution for your company? Creative Social Intranet is at your rescue.

Where does Creative Social Intranet fit into an enterprise’s Digital Workplace strategy?

Creative Social Intranet’s business logic is making the Intranet central to an enterprise’s Digital Workplace strategy for engaging a millennial-heavy workforce Some of the important benefits of our intranet solution are anytime-anywhere access, 24X7 connectivity, remote working, and document versioning which helps keep track of the entire life cycle of a digital project including content approval, review, check-in, check-outs, etc. Creative Social Intranet empowers enterprises with an intranet integrated with smart business tools that not just ease workforce efficiency but also automate business processes leading to time and cost savings. How do Creative intranet solutions help enterprises realize cost savings? Building an intranet from scratch is always considered a capital Where does Creative Social Intranet fit into an enterprise’s Digital Workplace strategy?

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