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Social Intranet Software To Deal With Legacy Intranet Fails

Legacy intranets often suffer from low adoption rates and frustration among employees. Social intranet software can address these issues by incorporating features that make it more user-friendly and engaging. Here’s how: Addressing Legacy Intranet Fails 1. Low User Adoption: Legacy intranets can be clunky and difficult to navigate. Social intranet software provides a more intuitive interface that resembles familiar social media platforms, making it easier for employees to learn and use. 2. Outdated Information: Legacy intranets often struggle with outdated or hard-to-find information. Social intranet software offers features like improved search functionality, document tagging, and content feeds to ensure employees Social Intranet Software To Deal With Legacy Intranet Fails

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Make an Interactive Workplace with Creative Social intranet

Creating an interactive workplace using a Creative Social Intranet involves leveraging modern intranet software features to foster collaboration, communication, and engagement among employees. Here’s a detailed guide to help you build a vibrant and interactive social intranet: 1. Choose the Right Platform Select an intranet platform that offers robust features for social interaction and collaboration. Some popular options include Creative Social Intranet, SharePoint, and more. 2. User-Friendly Interface Ensure the intranet has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. A good UI/UX design will encourage employees to use the platform regularly. 3. Personalization Allow employees to personalize their profiles and dashboards. Personalization Make an Interactive Workplace with Creative Social intranet

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Cloud – Based Intranet

In today’s industry, cloud-based intranet technology helps businesses in developing strategies to expand business services. It is not just effective, but also cheaper and can be designed as per companies convenience. The best among them is an open-source cloud-based intranet on SAAS.

What Exactly Is Employee Experience And Why It’s Important?

Organizations use various types of online strategies as well as offline methods to improve employee engagement and maintain a healthy workplace environment. But that’s not enough for the overall employee experience. But, what is the employee experience? Everything that happens to an employee at the workplace is employee experience. It’s an umbrella term that includes activities related to work, relationships with colleagues, interaction with the boss, using company resources, and many other things. It’s the journey of an employee in an organization. Importance Of Employee Experience Employee experience not just results in happy employees, but also turns them into engaged What Exactly Is Employee Experience And Why It’s Important?

Step into the future with Creative Social Intranet! Play a virtual Holi on our Intranet server and witness the amazing power of technology. Although nothing can replace the joy of celebrating festivals in person, with some motivation and creativity, Creative Social Intranet can help you stay connected and celebrate Holi virtually with your co-workers, friends, and family. So, let’s bring the fun and festivities this Holi, despite the distance!