Why Does a Personalized Intranet Enhance the Employee Experience?

Date: 17-Oct-2023

built custom intranet improves employee experience

No, having an intranet with everything but the kitchen sink won’t help your internal communications team. A purpose-built and custom intranet is a better solution for streamlining processes and making relevant information easier to find. It’s important to identify what you need from an intranet before building it so that employees have exactly what they need without any extra baggage weighing them down.

Here are some critical questions to ask to discover and explain your team’s needs:

  • Do you want to recreate the wheel when it comes to updating your intranet, or do you want to benefit from the collective experience and error of other IC professionals who have gone before you?
  • Would you like your employees to engage with your content frequently through an easy user experience—and receive a morale boost as a result of their individualized results?
  • Should every intranet upgrade necessitate IT change orders and the associated wait period, making the process uncomfortable and frustrating for everyone involved?
  • Should your intranet contain every piece of out-of-date internal information since the company’s inception?

We’ll go over each bullet point in turn, beginning with why custom-built sites may seem fantastic, but they’re not always.

Custom-built intranets lack the flexibility of a ‘purpose-built’ system.

Custom-built intranets can seem like the best option for companies, but they often fail. That’s because these heavily customized systems lack the tools needed to analyze and fix engagement problems. Purpose-built custom intranets offer a better alternative as they provide flexibility and are up-to-date with modern intranet technologies and analytics to drive engagement. Plus, real-time data enables quicker solutions that don’t require major changes or time-consuming processes. Unfortunately, relying on IT expertise makes it hard to take advantage of these benefits. Understanding why this dependence is undesirable when considering a custom intranet solution is important.

IT-reliant capacities reduce engagement.

It can be tough to maintain momentum when implementing a custom intranet, which takes an average of 15 months. That’s a huge amount of time and resources that could put your business at risk if priorities or leadership changes during the process. You need a functional intranet now, not more than a year from now, so it may be wiser to buy one instead of building it yourself. This allows you to innovate continuously without getting bogged down by technical complexity or IT dependencies. Plus, buying an intranet makes sure that your user interface is engaging for all users. All in all, buying an intranet is often the better option compared to customizing one.

Tech-heavy user interfaces are infuriatingly confusing and impersonal.

Having an intranet that is outdated and hard to use can cause major issues for employees. Finding the right information in a sea of noise, clutter, and complexity can be overwhelming and frustrating. It’s no wonder why poor UI is one of the top reasons why traditional intranets fail! To create a successful intranet, you must choose one with an intuitive design from day one – as most people don’t have patience for complex systems. A purpose-built intranet offers personalization so each employee receives the content they need when they need it. This saves time and improves their overall experience. With this system, 1,000 employees can get 1,000 targeted experiences tailored just for them! That’s how you provide great employee satisfaction.

Content-dropping ground is never a good thing.

Are you tired of dealing with out-of-date content on your intranet? Don’t let it bring down the credibility of your platform. Introducing the industry’s first auto-governance engine, designed to help declutter and simplify cumbersome processes. With a purpose-built custom intranet, employees can access reliable information, relevant communications, and an improved work-life balance – all without adding tedious tasks to their already long lists! Stop wasting time organizing outdated content and start empowering yourself and your team for success.

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